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  • 4.03 Something Beautiful

    Written by Gordon Smith
    Directed by Daniel Sackheim
    Cinematography by Marshall Adams
    Edited by Skip Macdonald

    This episode comes from the same writer & director team – Smith & Sackheim – that brought you 3x05 “Chicanery.” 
    4.03 Coverage on Heisenberg Chronicles. 
  • Sharp Objects Ep. 7 - Falling

    That episode was really fucking hard to watch... like watching train wreck, one painful frame at a time. 
  • 4.02 Breathe

    Q: How difficult was it working with the cast on your arm?
    A - Rhea Seehorn: “My cast is real. It is not removable and is on for the duration of the scenes until it is sawed off. Paramedics put it on in the morning. It was a matter of testing a lot of different materials to see what we could get away with that would still look real. If you do a cast at your wrist, you can slip it off but as soon as you go past your elbow joint, you can’t slip something on and off. We had some pretty high-tech art department people that tried to come up with things. Once you make it big enough for clips in the back, it gets very fat. So, this was the best option. I didn’t fight that because I trust all of the creative people on the team and it came to be an interesting burden for me to use as Kim. Doing my own bra was impossible and I had to ask for help. It made me think about Kim having to ask Jimmy to do her bra in the mornings. She must hate that! I needed help in the lunch line. I don’t love being a pain in the ass, so it was good for me to realize that Kim would be feeling that times 300. I liked it for that reason. I didn’t hate it in real life, but it was fun to think about how much it would bother Kim.” 


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  • 4.02 Breathe

    Are you available for a quick therapy session next week Jason?
    For you or for me? :)
    For me, duh!
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  • 4.02 Breathe

    Written by Thomas Schnauz
    Directed by Michelle MacLaren
    Cinematography by Marshall Adams
    Edited by Chris McCaleb
    Alkaid13Natter Cast