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  • The Expanse Book Club

    So, I couldn't wait another year to continue the story where we left at the end of Season 3 and got books 4-7. Couple of questions:
    1. Are books 1-3 different enough to go back and read? From Jim's comments, Book 3 - Abaddon's Gate feels worthy, because there is substantial differences, even though it ends up with the same result. 
    2. Are the novella's worth my time? I'm definitely going to read The Churn, because everyone talks about that one. But I don't know much about the others. 
    3. Anyone interested in a BM Book Club here on the forums? I just finished Book 4 and would love to chat with some Bald Movers about it. The epilogue was a sick tease. 
  • "Castle Rock" on Hulu

    Seen the first 3 eps. If you love Stephen King, you'll dig this. Small - something's not right here - town. Fantastic cast, from head to toe. Looking forward to the rest of this. 
  • World Cup 2018

    Suarez is right up there with Ronaldo for me when it comes to players that I absolutely fucking hate. Ugh. 
    Okay. Neymar is quickly joining these ranks of great players who tarnish the game. What an embarrassment. 
  • World Cup 2018

    Suarez is right up there with Ronaldo for me when it comes to players that I absolutely fucking hate. Ugh. 
  • 312 - Congregation & 313 - Abbadon’s Gate

    To all Bald Move Beltalowdas: Just want to publicly admit that I was wrong about The Expanse. I tried 3 times to watch Season 1, and I never could get past episode 5. It just seemed too "murder mystery in space" cliche, and frankly, I couldn't get past my irrational hatred of Thomas Jane (I won't go into details). There has never been a show that so many in the Bald Move community love, that I did not. And I just couldn't understand it. So I stuck with Season 3 this year, mainly so I could enjoy & understand the podcast, and hoped I could derive what the love was all about. Right around episode 3.04, it started to really sink in - the appeal of the show. I started connecting with some of the characters, and finally saw how different their portrayal of life in space really was. So in parallel to watching S3, I watched Season 2 (which was f'ing fantastic). After I finished that, I watched Season 1. Yeah, it's a totally ass-backwards way to watch the show, but man, I really love The Expanse now. And Season 3 has been so rewarding. I'm still not ready to say this show is better than BSG, but I'm en route. Thanks for steering my ship into the ring.