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  • World Cup 2018

    Enjoying this thread!

    I'm from Brazil, so I hope we do well this time. I don't follow soccer at all, my the World Cup is different, super fun! We are playing next, so fingers crossed!

  • Mindhunter

    aberry89 said:
    Oh girl, I am way ahead of ya! ;) I've been listing to LPOTL for about 3 years now :)  I actually just did a relisten on BTK and had totally forgotten he wasn't caught till 2005!!

    Which makes the choice of him interesting. You'd think they choose a killer that would be caught somewhere in the mid 70's, the 80's. I could see that being the resolution of the show - catching a killer who's behavior they now have solid profiles of. But my guess is, there is a bleaker end coming our way. No matter how much information you gather, there are those that slip through the cracks.

    Until they mail a floppy disk to the police, after specifically asking them if it can be traced like a fucking idiot. XD

    @Dani_Armindo ;
    Yay, a fellow  LPOTL fan!! I also went back to the BTK episodes. As a matter of fact, I just finished part 2 today (the birth of Detective Popcorn!!). I am definitely curious to see how all this is going to unfold. It's going to be a looooooong way until season 2!
  • Mindhunter

    aberry89 said:
    As a true-crime nut, i knew exactly who that was when the title read, "Park City, Kansas"  But I understand how a lot of people don't. I think what they are trying to do there is start these parallel storylines and I am guessing in the next season they will converge. We are seeing these agents start to collate all these behaviors these men have and at the same time, we are watching a man exhibit mimic some strange behavior. A lot of it mirrors what our agents learn - these men stalk these women - we see him scoping out a house. We learn that some mine bind their victims - we see him practicing knots. 

    Actually, if anyone is willing to talk potential spoilers - I am really interested as to why they chose that particular guy to set up....

    Maybe they chose him because he didn't get caught until 2005? They probably want to keep him around for a few seasons.

    If you like true crime, you might want to check out Last Podcast on the Left. They have covered all the major serial killers on their podcasts, in an unique and hilarious way (not for everybody, though!).
  • "Entertaining" podcast recommendations

    Last Podcast on the Left. Absolutely love it! True crime, aliens, conspiracy theories, but funny (really, really funny!). It is not for everybody though. 
    I have to thank you for bringing this show to my attention.  I listened to The Nazis & The Occult pt 1 and 2 yesterday when I had lots of driving.  Fascinating and super funny!  There is something to be said about some dudes who can pull off hilarious 'Dana Carvey level' German accents & Hitler impersonations.  This is one of my new favorite podcasts now.  Thanks again!
    So glad you liked it! I am totally addicted, the guys are very entertaining. I only discovered them last year, so I had a ton of podcasts to catch up to. The serial killer ones are my favorite, but I pretty much love all of it!
  • "Entertaining" podcast recommendations

    Last Podcast on the Left. Absolutely love it! True crime, aliens, conspiracy theories, but funny (really, really funny!). It is not for everybody though. 
    That's a podcast that I think a lot of people would like but I have a hard time recommending. The guys can get a little crazy on there sometimes (I'm looking at you Henry!) but it's damn good. When I do recommend it, I tell people to start with the JonBenet Ramsey episodes from 2015. Episodes 167 and 168. It's still a super interesting case and I fell like they were SLIGHTLY tamer on this one so it could be a good way to ease on in. Hail Gein!
    I agree, they can get quite wild! JonBenet was actually one of the first ones I listened to. I have gone back and listened to almost all of the episodes by now. I used to listen to Sword and Scale, but though that was way too heavy with all the 911 calls etc. That's why I like Last Podcast so much, they can tell these horrible stories but the humor makes it easier to listen to. Hail Gein indeed! (BTW, the Gein episodes are some of my favorites! Hilarious comments there!).