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  • 706 - "Beyond the Wall"

    So on one side we've got "Jim and A.Ron are clearly not hard enough on the show because it's bringing them more listeners and money", and on the other side we've got "Jim and A.Ron are nitpicking too much, they should just watch the show uncritically like the 99% of viewers who don't stop to think whether anything makes sense or not".

    Well, shit. You know you've made it when you're being called out for doing two completely opposite things at the same time. Congrats, guys.
  • I'm worried about everyone's emotions

    Sure, people get annoyed at TV shows all the time, but Game of Thrones is unique - not only is it the biggest show on TV, it's also based off an unfinished book series that some people have been reading for 21 years. The combination of all these different types of fan, all with different expectations for what they want the ending to be, is making people very easily agitated. It's making the discussion surrounding the show insufferable, because it feels like everyone is so mad all the time, whether at D&D or at GRRM or both, and you can't talk them out of being mad. It's only going to get worse the closer we get to the ending.
  • HBO Hacked, Even More Spoilers Coming

    Eh, the production leaks have already been out for months, people already know the plot of the entire season, I doubt the risk of spoilers will really increase in a noticeable way.

    What really amuses me about these things though is the smug sense of self-importance the hackers always seem to have in their messages. Same with the Orange Is the New Black hack a couple months back. They word it like they're changing the world by doing this, and that releasing a few episodes of TV earlier than they were going to air is going to start some sort of revolution, or even have any noticeable effect on HBO or Netflix's income.

    Besides, it seems like they don't have much - a script of next weeks GoT, and a handful of episodes of Ballers? Step it up, hackers, you can do better than that.
  • David Bennioff & D.B. Weiss starting new project with HBO(not a prequel or spin-off)

    @anubus21 Art does not exist in a vacuum, a separate bubble that everyone can choose to ignore at will and that has no effect on how people perceive the real world. "Oh it's just a TV show, what's the problem?" is a terrible argument here. All I've seen black people asking for is for slavery to not be turned into entertainment for a show written mostly by white people, especially in today's messed-up political climate, where there are pretty large and vocal groups who seem to believe completely and unironically in everything the confederacy stood for. (Again, because art does not exist in a vacuum, and this can and will have an effect on people in the real world.) Seems reasonable to me. But of course it's far easier to have the knee-jerk "ugh these PC people SJWs offended all the time blah blah blah they just need to grow up blah blah" reaction instead. High horses, indeed.
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  • 2017 Emmy nominations

    @gguenot Sepinwall has mentioned this a few times today; he speculates that HBO weren't interested in pushing for Leftovers, since it's finished now and never had much success in previous years, and that they were much more concerned about establishing Westworld as their big sweeper to replace Game of Thrones when it ends. Here's his article (, and just for kicks, here's his podcast co-host Brian Grubb's impassioned plea for people to stop nominating House of Cards ( because seriously, they need to stop doing that.
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