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  • Dumb/Funny Things That You Thought Were True When You Were a Kid....

    One day as a kid it dawned on me that whenever we go to the airport, we take a right down our street. But, whenever we go downtown to the baseball game (in St. Louis), we go left down our street. That must mean when all the opposing MLB teams come to town, they go right by our house! Hmmm, I wonder why I’ve never seen any of the busses or limos pass.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    MichaelG said:
    I just want the scientists and doctors to make the calls, not CEOs, not economists, certainly not Donald J’s gut,. 

    We feel uniquely unsuited and ill equipped to handle this as a country right now - it’s stunning.
    So, what we want from policy is to minimize human suffering, right? Of course, the most prominent source of human suffering is (premature) death. But, it's not the only source. 

    It is simply a straw-man to say that those who are concerned about the economy are only worried about their portfolio, or the stock market, or GDP. 

    Right now, the most imminent threat of premature death is the Coronavirus. But, it's not the only threat. If the global economy is thrown into a decade(s)-long depression, then there will be plenty of premature deaths (e.g. from suicide, lack of access to healthcare, etc.). And of course, there will be plenty of additional human suffering of other forms if there is a decade(s) long depression. 

    The point is this. Right now, of course those making the decisions should be physicians, epidemiologists, etc. But, once we have enough data - once the dust settles - economists / game theorists are (arguably) those who should have the largest say in regard to policy.
  • Yesterday

    Has anyone else seen this movie? Yesterday(?)

    The basic premise is that... a struggling musician wakes up one day and no one remembers the Beatles. In fact, despite his own memories, it seems like they never existed. So, he begins playing there songs as his own.

    It’s a fun little story. I hope I’m not alone in Bald Move having enjoyed it.
  • 504 Namaste (Spoilers)

    Chinaski said:
    the cold open on the re-watch is so much better :D
    ... do we have any theories as to why Jimmy does this? Howard seemed to be genuinely complimenting Jimmy. What drove Jimmy / Saul to wreck Howard's car? What's Jimmy's end game?