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  • El Camino (Spoilers)

    I sent this to Jim & Aron, but it might be too long for feedback, anyway. I think it's an interesting question.

    Is Jesse actually better off having partnered with Walt and lived through the events of BB? Here's my best (quick) attempt in answering in the affirmative.

    1. Jesse now has a fresh start in Alaska. He's seen the worst that the drug game has to offer and he's almost certainly learned that he wants no part of it anymore. He's got somewhere around $200,000, which could buy him a pretty decent woodworking shop and at least a modestly long runway to get a business (of some sort) off the ground. Beyond that, he's almost certainly got more self-confidence and perspective about himself specifically because he's overcome so many trials and tribulations.

    2. There's of course no way to know for sure, but what's the most likely scenario for how Jesse's adult life would have turned out sans his partnership with Walt? There's a fair chance he'd be just a slightly more successful knucklehead like Skinny Pete or Badger, but there;s just as good of a chance that would come back to bite him (e.g. with a beating by a real player in the drug game, or a long trip to prison). In the pilot, he narrowly escaped an arrest by the D.E.A. and he was driving around in a hoopty with a license plate that read "Cap'n Cook" for crying out loud.

    The case against this of course is all the psychic trauma that he's suffered (which admittedly is a lot). Despite the peaceful look on his face at the end of El Camino, he almost certainly has plenty of PTSD that he'll need to work through. That said, I'd still say that it's an open question as to whether or not Jesse is better off having gone through what he has during B.B

  • MLB 2019

  • Positivity! aka the good vibes thread


    I presented my logic students with "The Birthday Problem" according to which, you (surprisingly) only need 23 people in order to have a greater than 50% chance that 2 of those people share a birthday.

    Immediately afterwards, I polled the students for their birthdays, but got no birthday matches. I then counted the students along with myself. In total, there were only 22 of us. I of course then joked "Well, there's the problem; we only have 22 and not 23 people."

    A few minutes later, a student arrived late to class. We had moved on, but another student shouted out "Quick! When's your birthday?"

    "Um... August 4th(?)".

    That one was a match. Everyone erupted like we just won the Super Bowl.

  • Breaking Bad Movie

    I was thinking of rewatching the last season. How much time do I have?
    Assuming you mean the last 16 episodes (i.e. what some call 5-A and 5-B), if you start now, you’d only have to average about one episode every other day until the movie drops.

    Do it. You want this.
  • Breaking Bad Movie

    ... I guess I’ll check it out.