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  • Palm Springs (Spoilers)

    Gahh-now my brain is frozen again. If she blew the goat out of the time loop-then it wouldn't be in their time loop. But when Roy goes to blow himself out of the time loop, wouldn't the goat be there again? 
    So, when you are blown out of the time-loop, “you” are free of it... you can go on experiencing actually new days: Nov. 10th, 11th, and on...

    But, when that happens, there is still a version of you (or whatever) that becomes a part of the loop for everyone still stuck in the loop. When Nyles is freed, the version of him that remains is Nyles as he experienced the wedding day on his very first pass. That’s why he’s wearing the tux and doesn’t know Roy in the mid-credits scene.

    C’mon... you’re acting like this is complicated or something. ;)
  • Palm Springs (Spoilers)

    Since Groundhog Day, there have been plenty of these time-loop movies that have tried to do something worthwhile with the basic idea. 

    Not only does "Palm Springs" do this successfully... it knocks it out of the park. It's a truly worthy (perhaps the first worthy) successor to the genre creating Groundhogs Day. 

    I'd love for Jim and Aron to do a review.
  • Extreme Sports for Jim to try

  • Brag on your kids

    As someone without kids... I 100 and 10% back this thread. While it’s uniquely difficult to be positive about anything... let’s celebrate the accomplishments  of the up and coming generation.
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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    “Lockdown vs Anti-Lockdown is peak polarization, has every element of highly fractious and counterproductive debates: 

    - assuming the other side is all-or-nothing 
    - strawmen 
    - belief the other side is motivated by contempt
    - false choices
    - nutpicking (finding least sympathetic proponents and using them as emblematic) 
    - self-righteousness, overconfidence in one's predictions
    - not admitting when your side as vaguely formed was wrong (ventilators/hospital capacity predictions and flu-like contagiousness/mortality)
    - belief that what is happening is unique to your society/social system (America is middle of the pack in most dimensions when it comes to this virus).”

                                  - Zaid Jilani