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  • Breaking Bad Movie

    Sort of unbelievable to think a movie this big and with this much anticipation could be kept secret for so long. Especially in this day and age of social media where nothing can be kept secret. Credit to Vince and the staff. Can’t wait for Oct 11.
  • 805 - The Bells

    Ben said:
    Its a real shame that all the negatives have seem to have gotten on top of the guys. I get that it must be hard to be under a barrage of negativity and still maintain objectivity but I hoped they might. Criticism is fine, Nitpicking is just dull to listen too. Hell even breaking bad and the leftovers had their flaws. 
    A-Ron and Jim are grown ass men who can form their own opinions. I would doubt they would let outsiders structure their opinions. This season has been very divisive. Respect their opinion even if it doesn’t match yours. Don’t accuse them of forming opinions based on what other fans have to say.
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  • New Joker Trailer

    I have to say, this is the first time I’m excited to see a DC movie since Dark Knight Rises was released. Joaquin Phoenix fits the Joker role perfectly in my opinion. He’s a Joker himself in a lot of ways haha. His Joker laugh is 10/10. Nails it. Can’t wait for the first watch in October.

    I couldnt find it on YouTube yet so here’s the twitter link to the trailer

  • Black Mirror Season 5 Release Date Announced!(Leaked)

    Michelle said:
    ...there's an interactive episode???
    Yes, that’s the big rumor out there.
  • Thank You Andrew Lincoln

    Although I haven’t watched the Walking Dead for a couple years now, I still feel obligated to watch this Sunday for Ricks last episode. Andrew Lincoln was such a big reason I got hooked onto the show. As most of us know, the show lost its way in the later seasons and the writing got progressively worse. But for some odd reason, I feel kind of sad about Lincoln leaving. It almost feels like a little part of me is moving on. I was single, living in a small apartment when the Walking Dead first aired. As I type this comment now, I’m currently married with two kids living in a house. How times have changed! So I’ll be watching this Sunday, thinking of the good times of the Walking Dead and remembering the better days of the show. It’s the end of an era.