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  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    gguenot said:
    Re: Why they charged/ why didn’t they play defense/ why they didn’t wait for the dead to attack. They’re weren’t on the defense, they were on the offense. The dead could literally have stood there for a week, month, year if they wanted to. And what food would the living have to wait them out? They needed to be the instigators.
    If that is the case, why not pick a more advantageous time/place? Why spend all that effort building defensive structures instead of weapons/traps? They had endless scouting possibilities (warging, dragons), greater mobility, and a more disciplined army than a bunch of zombies.

    Real reason is that it was about the cool visual not the logic.
  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    Why is it that people can't sincerely be disappointed with parts or entire episodes of shows? Why is it that there needs to be a nefarious psychological explanation?

    In my case, the reason I was left sort of "meh" about this episode is because it dropped the really smart plotting of season 1 for the sort of marvel-esque special powers that were never mentioned and lots of close up of grunting faces of season 8.

    Think back to the battle of the blackwater: a carefully foreshadowed and perfectly orchestrated trap that felt both earned, logical, and surprising. Or about Robb's use of direwolves against the Lannisters? Or how Edmure fucked up by beating Tywin instead of drawing him in? This is a book series and a show that took it's military tactics very seriously. And then this episode goes for the visually stunning but intellectually empty. If it had been that way from the start, sure, whatever. But it wasn't, and I think that explains why people who have invested 2 decades of their lives into this story may be disappointed with what is likely the only ending we're going to get, without having to go into any psychoanalysis.
  • 803 - “The Long Night”

    I didn't enjoy this episode, though I can see why others did.
    For me, the main disappointment is because I got into this show because it was the Wire in a fantasy setting, and now it's clear that it has become Marvel in a fantasy setting. Which is to say, it's fine, it's just not what i signed up for.
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  • Barry (Spoilers)

    I laughed harder at this episode than I had in a long time. I can see where the people who had a problem with the tone are coming from, but to me the absurd parts were always the best parts of Barry.
  • 308 - "Now Am Found"

    This season is only redeemed by the acting. If you swap Ali, Dorff, McNairy and Ejojo with Vaugh, Kitsch, Farrel and McAdams we'd have fond memories of s2 and think this one was crap.

    Also, anyone else feel that the documentarian is essentially Pizzolato throwing shade at the audience? Here's this lady obsessed with the story of season 1 trying to figure out everything and, whoops, turns out she is completely off, even if she is, in the words of Henry, exciting.