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  • Woman's World Cup 2019

    cdrive said:
    The ‘92 Dream Team beat Angola 116 to 48 in their first game as “The Dream Team.” At the end they were still doing shit like bouncing alley oops to themselves off the glass, hot dogging and laughing about all the globetrotter shit they were trying while decimating this team. They were heralded.  Just throwing that take out there for some perspective. I think if the US Men’s Soccer Team wasn’t a heaping pile of dog shit and were instead this dominant, it wouldn’t surprise me if the narrative was a little different (reference point USA Men’s Basketball) 
    This isn't true. Just one example:

    There were a lot of stories about the "ugly Americans," and Barkley complained incessantly about the way the media talked about them.

  • Chernobyl: Episode 3. Open Wide, O Earth

    As for whether the divers are fine or not:

  • Which show had the worst finale?

    I'd say the x files was worse, but the reality is that since they ended it so many times it was never just one massive drop, but a series of stumbles
  • 805 - The Bells

    asmallcat said:
    I'd just like to point out that 7.1/10 is fine, so by the data everyone is relying on here it's pretty clear the average fan does not think this episode was bad. They think it was fine. Which is what basically none of the people who have big problems with the show now are saying, as they all seem to think the show is like a 2/10 at best based on the language being used. 

    Once again, 7.1 is detective pikachu. 7.1 is worse than all but 3 episodes of the X Files. It's worse than every episode in season 2 of true detective. It's the series average of two and a half men. It's the series average of saved by the bell.

    I don't think that going "most people don't think it was bad, just that it went from great to mediocre" is much of a defense.
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  • 805 - The Bells

    mft9186 said:
    For all the people who are saying that it's only a minority that disliked the last two episodes:
    Episode 4 is 57% on rotten tomatoes, episode 5 is 50%. The only other time GoT was below 75% was the sand snakes episode in S5, which had a 54%.
    Episode 4 has 6.3 on IMDB, episode 5 7.1. They are the only episodes to ever get a score below 8 on IMDB. Even the Sand Snakes episode got an 8.1.
    Just so you have an idea, X files season 11 didn't have a single IMDB rating as low as 6.3, and 7.1 is lower than all but 2 season 11 X Files episodes.
    Critics are not the majority of audience
      IMDB ratings are not done by critics.
    Right, it's just the most hyper-focused viewers who are more likely to delve into the minutia of episodes and are the most passionate/emotional about what happens with characters. As we can see with Star Wars and many other things, hating something is generally more motivating than liking something, so you will always have more people running to post about their hate on reddit and comments sections, and running to give a 0 score to a movie/episode they dislike. 

    Even if what I'm saying is BS, it's at 7.1/10 right now on IMDB. That hardly gives anyone the idea that the negative thoughts are in the majority.

    It's 40 thousand votes, and something that has never happened before, so it's not just some small group of people. And yes, I said that it was 6.3 for episode 4 and 7.1 for episode 5. So I don't know why you think you are correcting what I said. 7.1 is worse than all but 3 episodes of seasons 10 and 11 of the x files, a show that was widely recognized as overstaying its welcome.

    Again, if IMDB ratings are all just hyper-focused viewers nitpicking, why didn't ratings get this low  until now? You can't have it both ways. It can't be just a minority nitpicking when it is the only time ever it has happened with this show. The X Files, which is frequently used as the standard of a show that went to shit and people just gave up on never had a 6.3 episode rating, and only 3 episodes lower than 7.1
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