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  • The Americans - Season 5

    @dochielomn I don't even think Elizabeth and Paige made it the Soviet Union. I think they went to Berlin.

    And it's not about some moral high ground that can they judge him, they are murderers full stop. They are beginning to come to terms with that in this episode.

    I think the defector's angst is that he knows the Soviet Union is failing and he doesn't buy into the propaganda anymore. And coming to America and realizing the relative prosperity and freedom only sharpens his critiques. He hasn't been in America long enough to understand what flaws and violence there are which probably disgust Elizabeth at least.


    Elizabeth acknowledges to Paige the Soviet Union is a poor country. Popular communist propaganda to explain why the West was so wealthy and prosperous was that they exploited the "third world" for resources and labor (perhaps some truth to it). But she's not stupid either. Gaberiel flat out tells them the USSR has to import food from America and its allies. Any rational person would have to consider why? Americans eat so well yet still have a surplus to export to a nation with a ridiculously large land mass of agricultural land?

    But I've always thought her motivation was she was a true believer in the communist ideal and while she grew up poor and tough because of the war the Soviet Union still were able to accomplish great things (particularly in space) despite that while the wealthier Americans were softer and slower growing up. She's also not blind that capitalism produces more stuff but she also mentioned it's a lot of useless stuff and produces useless people. And it does so by exploiting people in the Marxist sense.

    So when this defector goes on an on it probably really grinds her gears bc he's a total traitor and betrayed communism for a plush life of capitalist decadence. And for her another reason why the Soviet Union is doing poorly is bc there is an American led global conspiracy against it, which is after all correct.
  • John Wick 2

    @Jujee Interesting you have like an inverse appreciation of John Wick than most. If you like the concept as in the universe, such as the continental, then this one fleshes it out significantly more. If you did not care for the action and its style then yeah it's more of the same but dialed up. It's visually interesting with varied set pieces. The plot is servicable and unlike some of the criticism on the podcast makes sense to me.

    For Chapter 2 I would say more of the same but like way more. Well looking back at the amount and level of goons from 1, 2 really amps it up. More hardcore assassin fights like with Perkins. Legions of goons to get headshot. It's more pedal to the metal throughout I would say as well.
  • Star Wars: Rogue One (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    I have to say I agree if there's one thing this movie accomplished successfully it's retconning the major plot hole of A New Hope with why did the Empire build the Death Star with such a major flaw. It's actually quite brilliant.
  • iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung galaxy 5 or 6 ?

    I just got my iPhone 7 Plus and really like the extra size replacing my iPhone 6. The new no headphone jack is a bit annoying bc I liked charging my phone and listening to podcasts on headphones simultaneously but now can't until I figure out an adapter. But the extra speaker it allows does sound nice.
  • Walking Dead - 701: "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

    Rank in order of evil:

    Ramsay Bolton 
    Joffrey Lannister
    Dr. Evil

    Ramsay Bolton
    Joffrey Lannister
    Dr Evil

    I don't find Negan to be particularly evil yet. Cruel perhaps but with a purpose.
    Rick and his crew are arguably more evil. They murdered dozens and dozens of Negan's people just on the WORD of a few sketchy people from Hilltop. Negan at this point is defending himself from a Rick led menace. Negan's cruelty is meant to get submission from Rick when he and his crew could be justifiably be executed.

    Ramsay Bolton is way more evil. He was cruel merely for personal amusement. He engaged in all kinds of evil acts just to screw with people or personal advancement.