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  • Do you want GOT Movies?

    Sometimes less is more in my opinion. Look at the Walking Dead. They should have stopped after season 5 or 6 but they kept going for money. I’m happy GOT ended now while I still enjoyed the show and was interested in it. It would have been sad if they tried to keep going with it. I do wish the double D’s gave us 2 full 10 episode seasons though. I think that would have solved a lot of the problems people had. 
    ken halebbord
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Wow people hated it. I guess that’s to be expected. It’s hard watching something end when you have theories and expectations left unanswered. I will say this. If that was the ending George had in mind....I think it won’t be by the end of the day...well played old man, well played.

    I don’t think there’s a right or wrong take to this and I don’t think Jim and Aron we’re wrong on the instant take. 

    Im a Jon guy but I love Danys character. For me I just felt punched in the gut with the decision she made last episode. I do think they earned it and I thought this was a possibility based on what they showed. 

    My wife loves Danys character. For her this past episode was a betrayal of the character she knows and I think she right to. If Danys your favorite character then how can you NOT feel that way? 

    I think the biggest problem is that after season 6 or whenever it was the double D’s decided “we’re done in 13 episodes”. I think the rushed nature is why some people are dissatisfied with what felt like a WWF heel-turn for Danys character. 

    If your a Jon fan like me you still have hope going into the finale. Dany fans don’t have that now.

    Lets all just give our fellow fans (Jim and Aron included) time to process what they saw. I wasn’t sure if I liked the finale of the leftovers until I looked back 6 months later and thought to myself “that was perfect”. 
  • Where I feel Bald Move Has Gone Right in 2019

    They came back from vaca firing and ready to go. True Detective season 3 preview, Spiderman and Bandersnatch with a 2 hour lunch all in 1 week. I’m really excited for 2019!!
  • Where I felt bald move went wrong in 2018

    Man I hate doing this because I love Jim and Aron but if I care about you guys I should give you feedback to help right?

    I would say the single biggest mistake was not covering Atlanta season 2. Specifically the thing that bothered me was Aron saying on lunch something about thinking 2 white guys talking about the show wouldn’t accomplish much or something along those lines. I completely disagree, you are both very progressive and very intelligent, I really think you guys sold yourselves short and missed the best show of the year. 

    i feel like the stuff I’m watching isn’t being covered by Bald move and you guys always use to cover almost everything I watched. Just some random examples (not saying you should cover these) but Birdbox, Dark, Atlanta, Marvelous Mrs Maisel. 

    Last thing I’ll say is that when you guys do things like “season of the cage” check and see if any of the movies are streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or somewhere. Having to bring out the DVD player or pay 2.99 for a rental makes me less engaged with the material. 

    you guys cant help that Game of Thrones and many other big ticket shows were off the air this year but you can help all of the things I listed. 

    Im looking forward to 2019 and True Detective season 3.