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  • Do you want GOT Movies?

    Sometimes less is more in my opinion. Look at the Walking Dead. They should have stopped after season 5 or 6 but they kept going for money. I’m happy GOT ended now while I still enjoyed the show and was interested in it. It would have been sad if they tried to keep going with it. I do wish the double D’s gave us 2 full 10 episode seasons though. I think that would have solved a lot of the problems people had. 
    ken halebbord
  • Where I felt bald move went wrong in 2018

    Man I hate doing this because I love Jim and Aron but if I care about you guys I should give you feedback to help right?

    I would say the single biggest mistake was not covering Atlanta season 2. Specifically the thing that bothered me was Aron saying on lunch something about thinking 2 white guys talking about the show wouldn’t accomplish much or something along those lines. I completely disagree, you are both very progressive and very intelligent, I really think you guys sold yourselves short and missed the best show of the year. 

    i feel like the stuff I’m watching isn’t being covered by Bald move and you guys always use to cover almost everything I watched. Just some random examples (not saying you should cover these) but Birdbox, Dark, Atlanta, Marvelous Mrs Maisel. 

    Last thing I’ll say is that when you guys do things like “season of the cage” check and see if any of the movies are streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or somewhere. Having to bring out the DVD player or pay 2.99 for a rental makes me less engaged with the material. 

    you guys cant help that Game of Thrones and many other big ticket shows were off the air this year but you can help all of the things I listed. 

    Im looking forward to 2019 and True Detective season 3. 
  • Walker Stalkers are ending their podcast

    another TWD podcast bites the dust. Very telling the state of the franchise seeing the guy that does the Walker Stalker con is tapping out. They said they will only cover the first 6 episodes. No idea why they wouldn’t do the first 8 but I thought it was interesting and wanted to share.
  • Walking Dead Suntman passes away after falling on set

    Sorry if this is posted already, I saw this all over social media and wanted to pass it along. Tragic news. We all see these crazy stunts done in Hollywood and enjoy the entertainment but I never gave a second thought about the real danger the people that perform that stunt can be in.
  • 301 - The Book of Kevin

    Man this show is just so good. My favorite part of the episode is when Dean is talking about testing the sandwich and the heavy music is playing and then stops as soon as he says "K9 DNA". This show just hits on everything. I'll have to watch this episode again. Did anyone catch what happened to Nora and Kevin's baby? Seems like something tragic happened.

    Wouldn't it be just like this show for Oct 14 to just pass by and nothing happens? Lol.
    ShellyElisaAndrew Stadler