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    Binged the new Life is Strange over the past day.  Took about twelve hours from start to finish.  I enjoyed it quite a bit, mainly because I find Alex - the new protagonist - to be an excellent character, on par with Max in terms of personality, likability, and dialogue (just the right amount of cringe - but zero "hellas", unfortunately).  I might even like Alex a little better, in fact. 

    The story is decent, although similar to Life is Strange: Before the Storm the last chapter is a bit weak (it feels rushed overall and awkward at times) and boy did I see the big twist coming a mile away.  While the story definitely didn't grab me by the feels as much as the first one did, it still contains some outstanding moments that are mostly driven by Alex's power.

    The power mechanic in this game works surprisingly well and leads to some heavy emotional story beats.  I could see how playing it through multiple times would be rewarding just for the sake of trying out some different choices.  That said, the choices in this game aren't nearly as consequential as they were in the first one.  Nothing that seismically shifts the story in one direction or another, anyway.

    There's an entire LARP sequence in this game.  Your mileage may vary on that....

    Oh, and it's very, very pretty.  Set in small-town Colorado, according to one of the characters when you move there you "automatically get an amazing beard, a pretentious knowledge of craft beers, and a Subaru."  Anyone who enjoyed the Arcadia Bay setting would likely find Haven Springs and its citizens to be just as charming.

    I know it won't happen, and that's hella alright... but yeah, the boys would probably have a lot of fun with this one.
  • NHL 2021

    God bless the Habs.

    Edit: And god bless Corey Perry.
  • NHL 2021

    Go Avs… for the love of all that is holy
  • The Last of Us (TV Show)

    Shum said:
    I was hoping for Kaitlyn Dever, but maybe she's aged out of the role. I can see Bella being a good pick, but it's hard to imagine her with an American accent.
    I absolutely had Kaitlyn Dever etched in my brain for that role, which is really the only reason I’m disappointed.  Playing Ellie is going to be a tall task indeed...
  • The Last of Us (TV Show)