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  • Winds of Who Cares

    Freddy said:
    Freddy said:
    CapeGabe said:
    Now he's just trolling everyone: 

    The upcoming video game titled Elden Rings had also George R R Martin as the main story writer. The Winds of Winter is a big book containing several chapters and hence GRRM is giving priority to the projects that could be finished in a short time, delaying TWOW launch date.
    Have you heard about the North Grove!?
    House Forrester: Australian for Beer
    I miss the Tell Tale playthroughs. Some of the hardest Bald Move laughs I've had. I remember watching one of The Walking Dead Bad Guy Clemintine episodes and thinking "Damn, Cecily is a hell of an on-air talent. I hope she makes it her career."
    I watch -- or listen to, rather -- all of the playthroughs with regularity... looking forward to them wrapping up Bad Guy Clem and (hopefully) Life is Strange.  Bald Move Lunches and playthroughs are literally the only reason I subscribe to YT Premium.

    Pretty sure it was one of the TWD playthroughs where A.Ron was hassling @Cecily and she busted out the "Hey, no one's paying me to do this shit" line.  Fucking iconic.

    Still wish “The Illusion of Choosin’” would have made it onto a Bald Move shirt.
    ken haleFreddy
  • The XFL

    I enjoyed what I saw.  Seems like this may finally be an example of Vince having learned from his past mistakes.

    Now, if he could only apply that mindset to the WWE...
    ken haleMattyWeaves
  • The New Pope

    I need to find out where I can scoop up one of those sweet Pope Lenny hoodies.
    Teresa from ConcordCecilyken hale
  • Just listened to Empire Business - Quite a Pickle

    A lot of things didn't break our way. This thread also has helped me realized that I guess we're more opaque about what's going on with Bald Move in the moment to moment stuff than if feels like. I thought more of the behind the scenes stuff would be obvious from the public comments we did make. I don't like bragging or bitching about stuff so it always feels to me like I'm talking 10x more about stuff as I should be and usually there are a few people who are pretty vocal with their "just shut up and cast" opinions, so it's easy to default to a share less that still feels like too much kind of model? I dunno, this far along and I'm still feeling like I have a lot to learn!
    Man, I’ve worked in the mortgage industry for 20 years (context: I’m in my late 30s, so literally my entire adult life), and I still learn something new every single day.

    Treat it as a strength, not a weakness.  Some days are super fucked up and the lessons you learn are taught in a manner way harder than they should be, but at the end of that day you’re a stronger person for having learned it.
  • 104 - If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own (Spoilers)

    To quote Angela at multiple points throughout this episode: "Da fuq?!?"

    Absolutely loving this experience.  It's totally bizarre, but a hell of a lot of fun.