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  • Life is Strange

    Hardly noticed the technical problems, although it definitely helps if you’ve played the game and already have the gist of the plot.

    But goddamn, this was such a great BM playthrough. So many hysterical one-liners and quips... I loved it. The “‘A’ Key Breaky” fiasco was on par with Stormin’ Norma levels of hilarity.

    And yeah, the implication at the end of the episode is absolutely that Rachel possesses some sort of supernatural... something. Might serve to explain who that ghostly deer is from the original game that always seems to appear around Max & Chloe at critical locations / times (the lighthouse, the junkyard, etc.)...
  • I Promised I Would Do It.

    Back during the great Bald Move Crisis of 2016, I made this comment:

    As we all know, the guys hit their goal WELL before the end of the year… in fact, I think it might have been the very next day.

    I’m a man of my word.  I’m very proud to present the first and only (to the best of my knowledge) Bald Move tattoo!:


    Yup, that’s a tattoo of Zombie Jim and Zombie A.Ron on my leg.  Watching Dead was the show that originally got me hooked on Bald Move (way back in season 3), so when it came time to create a tattoo that paid tribute to our podcasting heroes, the decision to have it be TWD-themed was pretty easy to make.

    My long-time tattoo artist and good friend Rob Sampson (of Patriot Tattoo in Spring Valley, CA) came up with this amazing design.  If anyone’s interested, I posted a brief Imgur gallery of the design process with some sketches, etc:

    Permanently honoring Bald Move was the least I could do in return for the countless hours of entertainment that Jim and A.Ron have provided me over the years; from podcasts to playthroughs, Bald Move has literally reshaped the way I view television, movies, gaming, and even the world in general.

    @Jim and @A_Ron_Hubbard, I sent you guys a gift in the mail that should be there tomorrow… just a small token of appreciation for everything you do.

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  • 711 - Hostiles and Calamities

    But I agree the whole zombie-in-metal thing made little sense. (Gold crown/GOT reference?)
    This had to be a callback to S6 when Eugene & Abe encountered the walker that Eugene wasn't able to kill, no?  The one in the factory that had a lead "helmet" of sorts?

  • 710 - New Best Friends

    Best.  Live Watch.  Ever.  Man, I cannot wait for the podcast tomorrow.

    One thing to keep in mind folks: none of this Garbage Pail Kids bullshit is in the comics, nothing even remotely close.  Just another shitty Kirkman reeeeeee-mix....
  • We Need Your Help -- Video

    Fuuuuuuuuuck this noise.  Bald Move is NOT failing.  I won't let it.  

    If I have to move my ass to Cincinnati and sell MY body on the street... well... I'm open to it.
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