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  • 615 - "East"

    I found Rick's "that's my girl" talk about Carol a bit annoying. He seems to be forgetting that the reason she's out there is because she HATES killing. For Rick, killing is like taking a dump - it's a necessary function which he performs as and when he needs to and probably kind of enjoys in some part of himself. Carol has realised that it can't be avoided if you are going to protect your loved ones, but if you have any sort of conscience, it will "eat you up". He might be proud of her, but she isn't.
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  • 614 - "Twice As Far"

    I think the whole strategy on the part of the writers is to make us feel like the Saviours aren't all that after all. The inhabitants of Hilltop are spear-wielding Casper Milktoasts, who would be easy to intimidate. So far the Alexandrians have cut a swathe through Negan's militia like a hot knife through butter. Only the most bumbling group of assailants would have been distracted enough by Eugene's gonad-biting to allow Daryl et al to get the jump on them. At least they didn't have the whole of Dwight's group get killed, which I think would have been just a shark too far to have jumped. They will live to fight another day. I think that this is all a ploy to lull the viewer into a false sense of security, which will make the shock and awe of Negan's eventual actions all the more shocking and awesome.

    I can't help enjoying Abraham's interactions with Eugene. I know that NOBODY on the planet actually talks like these people do, but you have to admit, it's a wonderful semantic exercise and a joy to listen to if you're a lover of language.
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  • 612 - Not Tomorrow Yet

    I think it is so important to reinforce the idea that killing cannot be undertaken without consequences, whether that be the personal moral cost to the killer or in terms of the broader implications. The Alexandrians/Hilltop community have taken a bold step here, and instead of wiping out the hornet's nest, they have just poked it with a stick. And they have nowhere to run. It's like Napoleon leading his army into Russia in winter. Seemed like a good plan, but not so great on the detail. I also wonder whether Gregory et al were aware that Negan was not at that facility. How much knowledge do they have of his organisation? If they did know, and send Rick and his people into that situation when it was just basically severing a limb of Negan's empire, then they have serious questions to answer.
  • You guys convinced me but....

    Not sure if I'm late to the party with this theory....

    Stylite guy (guy on pillar) is cited by Virgil as one of his "success stories" (OK he's a magical man not a personal shopper); Stylite Guy is communicating with Aussie Cave Lazarus, who said that being on the "other side" was like being in a hotel. Kevin's post-poisoning experience takes place in a hotel. I am thinking Stylite Guy met Aussie Cave Lazarus at the hotel and he is now trying to contact him in this life. It also makes it very unlikely that Kevin's experiences were purely hallucinatory. Another thing that hit me as I was doing laundry yesterday....was the guy who tried to kill Kevin in the hotel room another International Assassin on a mission? If so...why was his mission to kill Kevin? Was he posing a flower delivery guy in the same way that Kevin was posing as a campaign contributor to gain access to Patti? If so...who sent him???? I need to do more laundry to figure this one out.... Also should have posted this in the International Assassin thread...new to this lark.