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  • Here's Negan (spoilers)

    Michelle said:
    I actually liked this episode.  We’ve all (well, mostly all) wondered/pondered how Negan became Negan & what his life was like before the apocalypse, before the leather jacket & bat.  I don’t mind if any of it was considered fan-servicey - I thought the story was well-told and heartbreakingly acted by JDM and his wife and a good episode to end the season on.
    Amen to that. Kind of brilliant that they had his own wife play Lucille, really makes the water works they put on display very authentic. Plus they pull a lost on us and go back to before the apocalypse which I have been screaming for this show to do for seasons now. It's cheaper (no set dressing and no zombies) and it serves as a much better way to delve into a characters backstory and how they have "changed". Much more show, and less tell in my opinion. 
  • Here's Negan (spoilers)

    lengmo said:
    Sorry for what turned into a thread hijack, jleav382. 

    I'll concede that eventually fire could kill a walker. 
    Y'all ready for the season 3 finale fan edit? currently working on it. 
  • Here's Negan (spoilers)

    Anyone else subscribed to AMC's channel extension like me and got to see the "Here's Negan" episode? Thought it was very well done, and arguably the best episode out of the extra six and arguably the best backstory episode. Thoughts?
  • Walking Dead 10C schedule to air 2/28

    Looks like they managed to continue production in the passing months, I honestly didn't anticipate the extra six episodes this early. 


    Curious if anyone has heard any news regarding this new season? Also is there any mention of Jim and Aaron continuing on with their coverage of season 10A and 10B? 
  • Tenet (spoilers)

    Hunkulese said:
    I think it's by far his worst movie if you don't count Dunkirk. It's convoluted just to be convoluted and is missing the heart that helped Interstellar and Inception so much. It suffers from the usual Nolan problem that it's so intentionally confusing that three-quarters of the movie has to be devoted to the supporting cast explaining what's happening, except this time everyone has a thick accent and half the time their mouths are covered in some way.
    I also saw it in IMAX, so it was way too loud. I'll give it another shot when I can watch it at home with subtitles, but I doubt my opinion will change much.
    I hear you on just about every point, but still, I fucking loved this movie lol