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  • Walking Dead 10C schedule to air 2/28

    Looks like they managed to continue production in the passing months, I honestly didn't anticipate the extra six episodes this early. 


    Curious if anyone has heard any news regarding this new season? Also is there any mention of Jim and Aaron continuing on with their coverage of season 10A and 10B? 
  • The Walking Dead is actually ending...but wait, more spin-offs.

    With these extended seasons and spin-offs, what is everyone's thoughts about the potential movies? I mean, the Daryl and Carol roadshow could be what potentially kicks off the movies. But assuming that is not the case, would you rather just have Rick return to the series or proceed with the movies according to plan?  
    I think the movies could definitely have some potential, this universe seems like it would benefit from shorter form story telling unless under the wing of Angela Kang. I'm not one who cares much for spoilers on this show, but some of the things I hear coming out of Fear are pretty wild in terms of "world rules". It sounds like they are changing things up in a way that is going to make this universe look and feel different. The old days of running around in the woods killing the undead is just so stale at this point that they really don't have a choice but to mix things up. I have absolutely no interest in The Walking Dead Beyond which they are trying desperately to create syndication by dangling the finale in front of us until October, but word on the street is that the movies and some of these other series will be interconnected. 
  • 510: Something Unforgivable (Spoilers)

    Yeah, the slipping Kimmy thing is a little odd on reflection. Why does she actually hate Howard so much again? She wants to stick Howard because it’s fun, not open a law clinic. She worked her way up from the mail room to become a successful lawyer and she can’t wait another 5 or 10 years to make the big bucks to open her clinic?  What about her story tells you she has problems delaying gratification?

    Also, if Kim is going to involve herself and on board with Saul on the cartel story, I think there’s little chance she doesn’t get the full story on “My Friend Who Saved Me, the Awesome Sniper.”  
    I've been listening to a lot of commentary and the best explanation I can find for Kim's behavior is that she has always had the slipping kimmy edge within her as exemplified by her carrying the tequila bottle top with her throughout the whole series only now she's embraced it so much that for Jimmy it's like looking into a mirror and realizing what kind of a monster he really is. I think it's a little bit of a revenge plot from when Howard and Chuck tried taking Jimmy's license away coupled with the yearning for another big scam. 

    The more I read around the more I feel I can kind of appreciate that direction into the next season, but I think for most people that side of the finale was not received super well or with open arms. 
  • 503 - The Guy for This (Spoilers)

    mft9186 said:
    Can we all please stop comparison BCS and BB ? they're totally different shows . Watching breaking bad for me was and will probably be a unmatched experience. I still love BCS but it's just so different tonally. 
    I think it is difficult for a lot of people (including myself) to mentally separate the two when the show not only takes place in the same universe but has many of the same writers, staff, camera work, composition and characters within the show. 

    I think the two shows are actually very similar with the exception that element of danger is much more prevalent in the world of a chemistry teacher cooking meth rather than a con artist lawyer slowly devolving into corruption. Even the argument could be made that both shows are about men who's morality begins to corrode and they are in my opinion very similar in that way too. 

    Truth is the show's reputation largely rides on the coat tails of breaking bad and AMC knows this, they want to milk this thing for all it's worth for the advertising money. Breaking Bad did not have that luxury and struggled to get the support it needed for each additional season. Now since that stress has been lifted they have become a lot more lax about their story telling and it undoubtedly shows, regardless I think the shows are more similar than ways they are not and I don't think it's fair to be criticized for making the comparison in the first place. 
  • El Camino Trailer

    jrobidoux said:
    I only use Twitter and I wasn't following BaldMove there (I am now) so I missed it. But I was just surprised that A-Ron didn't have thoughts on whether making this movie was a good idea or not that he needed to get off his chest. Like if it could potentially tarnish the legacy of the show or something like that. Or that Jim and A-Ron didn't want to speculate a little bit on what the plot might be based off of what Skinny Pete is saying in the trailer, etc. I mean, it's been so long since there was a new Breaking Good podcast, this seems like such a good opportunity to fire it back up again!

    Thanks for your response!
    Interested to see their thoughts on how this could be responsible for the delayed release of Better Call Saul Season 5 and how the movie might tie into the plot of that show. 
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