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  • Emmy Winners

    Succession and schitts creek were my two favorites this past year so you can only imagine how happy I was last night. 

    Happy to see watchmen win a few but did wish better call Saul and mr robot were nominated more. Lalo deserved to have been nominated 
    Teresa from ConcordGiovanni
  • The Last of Us 2: Spoilers

    Ok, one last tidbit. I keep coming back but I just finished it and have soooooo many thoughts. I'll keep it simple. Over the weekend I've done nothing but watch and read all the reviews. I focused more on the negatives since i enjoyed it so much and wanted to see what it was exactly that left such a bad taste in so many peoples mouths. From what I can gather, it seems like most people that hated the game had a huge issue with Joels death. Then it just snowballs from there. It's a shame. I truly feel like this game would have had such a different reaction if those leaks never came out. If that death came organically, the feeling wouldn't be so.... sour. 

    Anyways, remember folks. It's just a game. Try not to take it too personal. I cannot wait to replay it. 
  • The Last of Us 2: Spoilers

    I think it’s possible to sympathize with Abby yet still not like her. 
  • The Last of Us 2: Spoilers

    I loved it. 9.5 with my only gripe being the editing/pacing. 

    I know the biggest issue people have with this game is Abby. And I get it. I read the leaks and was disappointed with the direction they went originally. I didn’t hate that they killed Joel, I hated how they wanted us to feel sorry for her. But once I played it, the story just grabbed me. I didn’t like Abby. I still don’t like Abby. I don’t think naughty dog wanted us to like Abby. I think they just wanted us to see why she did what she did. In all honesty, she’s no different than Ellie. Too many people focus on good and bad, when that’s not a thing in this universe. It’s just about survival. That’s it. 

    Like Marlo once said “you want it to be one way, when it’s the other way”

    It’s not about good vs evil. Joel and Ellie did evil things to get to where they are. Hell, even Joel admits it at the end of the game. They do things understanding the consequences. It’s just a never ending cycle until one party decides enough is enough.

    Also, loved Lev and Yara. 
  • THE BOYS Season 2 (Spoilers)

    Thank goodness. Excited for both the new season and weekly releases. I hate binging 
    Teresa from ConcordElisa