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  • Protests Across the America


    Protesting fucking works. Keep it up friends!
  • Protests Across the America

    It's hard as a neighbour and white male to know how much or what to say.

    I know I'll never fully understand what it's like to be black in America, Canada, or anywhere else. I don't need to fully understand. I can listen and learn how to support without stealing the spotlight or abdicating my responsibility to the people around me.

    I would normally say "stay safe" but I no longer think justice can be achieved without some personal risk. Instead I'll offer this: do the next right thing, then the next.
  • Movies Versus Movies

    It might be interesting to add an optional age or age range field to see if that's a predictor.
  • Make a Mixtape

    I love the Violent Femmes. They were past their peak of cultural relevance when I was in high school, but I was way into them.
  • Movies Versus Movies

    1. Predator vs Aliens
    Winner: Predator but it's close
    2. Taken vs John Wick
    Winner: John WIck
    3. Saving Private Ryan vs Dunkirk
    Winner: SPR
    4. Harry Potter vs Twilight series
    Winner:  HP
    5. Armageddon vs Deep Impact
    Winner: Armageddon
    6. Black Panther vs Captain America Winter Soldier
    Winner: BP
    7. Mission Impossible vs 007 Goldeneye
    Winner: MI
    8. The Godfather vs Goodfellas
    Winner: fuuuuuuck... Goodfellas
    9. Star Wars Prequels vs Sequels
    Winner: Sequels
    10. Incredibles vs Monsters Inc
    Winner: Incredibles
    11. Inside Man vs Den of Thieves vs Widows
    Winner: Haven't seen any of these
    12. Mad Max Fury Road vs Logan
    Winner: MMFR
    13. Spiderman 2019 vs 2014 vs 2000
    Winner: 2019
    14. Venom vs The Predator(Remake)
    Winner: Predator
    15. The Hurt Locker vs Jarhead
    Winner: Hurt Locker
    16. Rounders vs Casino
    Winner: Casino
    17. Iron Man vs Batman Begins
    Winner: Iron Man
    18. True Grit vs No Country for Old Men
    Winner: No Country
    19. Alien vs Jaws
    Winner: Alien
    20. Get Out vs Hereditary
    Winner: Haven't seen either
    21. BlackKlansmen vs Django Unchained
    Winner: BlackKlansman
    22. Baby Driver vs Drive
    Winner: Baby Driver
    23, Creed vs Rocky 4
    Winner: Rocky 4
    24. Rambo First Blood vs Terminator
    Winner: Terminator
    25, True Lies vs Con Air
    Winner: True LIes
    26. Platoon vs Apocalypse Now vs Full Metal Jacket vs We Were Soldiers
    Winner: Platoon
    27. Star Wars Empire Strikes Back vs Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    Winner: Empire
    28. Fast and Furious 1 vs Gone in Sixty Seconds
    Winner: Gone in 60
    29. Scarface vs Blow
    Winner: Scarface
    30. Friday Night Lights vs Remember the Titans
    Winner: I've only seen Remember the TItans
    31. Close Encounters of the Third Kind vs ET
    Winner: ET
    32. Back to the Future vs Ferris Buelers Day Off
    Winner: BttF
    33. Ghostbusters vs The Goonies
    Winner: Ghostbusters
    34. the Mighty Ducks vs Little Giants
    Winner: Mighty Ducks
    35. BladeRunner vs Terminator 2
    Winner: Judgement Day
    36. Dusk til Dawn vs Blade
    Winner: Blade