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  • The Expanse - All Seasons and All Books Spoilers

    CapeGabe said:

    I just listened to The Churn podcast that had Wes Chatham on and it was great.

    I know this is the full spoiler thread but in case someone doesn't want to learn about what's in season 5:

    He said in Season 5 Amos goes back to Baltimore to deal with his past. So they are doing The Churn next season as I hoped! They will probably start off in Baltimore and then he'll visit Peaches while down there and then the sky falls.

    I have never been more excited for an upcoming season than this one!

    BTW, the podcast was good with Wes talking about reading The Body Keeps The Score to help his work on Amos dealing with his childhood trauma.

    I listened to the Chatham interview yesterday and I loved it. The work Wes puts into the Amos character really shows. I have enormous respect for people who put a lot of care and attention into the work, whatever it is.

    The moral of the the next book: Never split the party.
  • Bald Move D&D Play by Post (Level 2): Players Only Please


    Listen, I don't think this Kindra is the only shapeshifter we're dealing with. I'm pretty sure Dio didn't tell us any lies but I don't think we've seen his true self yet if you catch my drift. He was sweating like a one-legged hooker working both sides of the street.

    More air-nudging and winking and then Ragnuk puts a big arm around Plastalyn's shoulders.

    As for Plasty here, I'd sure like to have him along. We've got no idea what we're going to run into up there.

  • Bald Move D&D Play by Post (Level 2): Players Only Please


    While not a master of subtlety, Ragnuk accentuates the point by making his eyes really big, then very deliberately winking while making a nudging gesture with his elbow in a "do you catch our drift" sort of way.
  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Just received this text from my wife:

    I feel bad for her, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me laugh and improve my day.
  • His Dark Materials

    I'm going to say @alexisonpaper is in a great position to revive "Mildly Interesting" from its early grave.
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