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  • I survived Canada

    Michelle said:
    Oh, I loved Canada when I was in Niagara last summer.  It's so beautiful and everyone was so nice.  I'll definitely go back sometime - maybe to Niagara, maybe somewhere different.  I've thought it might be really cool to see Quebec City one day.
    I recommend Banff National Park here in Alberta. Our bit of the Rockies is the best part. :D

    Quebec City is still on my must-visit list. Haven't made it there yet.
  • What are you binging right now?

    DaveyMac said:
    The Expanse Season 3 finally came to Japan on Prime. I wasn’t gonna binge it as I’m also watching Mrs. Maisel and The Deuce. So I thought I’d just rotate between the three. But I got so hooked on Season 3 I just powered through. Definitely my favorite of the three seasons.

    Side question. Did they really say “fuck” that much when it was on SyFy? If so I didn’t realize SyFy allowed that much swearing on their shows. Or was it added after, on streaming? 
    I recall hearing plenty of fucks in the basic cable version.
  • Star Trek Discovery Appears to be Cancelled

    Based on the comments above, I'm not interested in pumping this guy's view count to watch this video.

    There's a vocal minority who hate every new Star Trek series at the outset. The criticism is usually about 50% valid and 50% other. Discovery is no different. I happen to think they're off to a better than average start.
    Frakkin TBen
  • 2018 Baldies Voting is open!

    I don't know how doable it is (for next year?), but favourite Bald Move moment is a good candidate for preferential voting. I would have liked to order 5 choices from first to fifth favourite.
  • Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (Netflix)

    Any Bald Movers watching this? I'm seeing a lot of buzz on social media and my wife and I have watched a few.

    There's a lot of weird personification of inanimate objects, but you don't have to buy the idea that t-shirts have wants and opinions to get something out of Kondo's ideas. We've actually picked up her book and are discarding a lot of useless crap in our house. 

    I haven't figured out a way to look at my long thermal underwear that "sparks joy" but I did throw out the second pair with the hole in the crotch - so I think that's progress?