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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    So, I'm currently waiting on COVID-19 test results to confirm I have a regular run-of-the-mill cold. I hesitate to post this because I feel weirdly embarrassed.

    I've had a mild cough since about February 20th. A day or two ahead of this, I definitely felt some chest congestion and knew a cold was coming. On the 21st, I left on a work trip and spent the rest of the month in India. The cough persisted while I was on the trip - getting a little more prominent as I prepared to return home March 1st. At this point there was only additional health screening for people returning to Canada from China, Italy, Iran, and cruise ships.

    Cut to March 8th - I've been home for a week and the cough is getting worse. This is the point where i would normally make an appointment with a doctor as it's become quite uncomfortable and interfering with my sleep. The thing is, our provincial health authority is advising people not to go to the doctor without being referred there unless they're acutely ill - which I am not. We have a service called HealthLink that you can call to get advice and direction from an RN - so I call HealthLink.

    We talk over my symptoms and the nurse tells me that two to three weeks is considered normal for a simple cough to persist, so I probably don't need to make a doctor's appointment unless it's still bothering me next week. That being said, I'm now someone who's been out of the country (they no longer care where you were) and has reported at least one COVID-19 symptom, so I need to be tested. It doesn't matter that I had the cough before I traveled because it's possible that I picked up a secondary infection - especially since it appears to be getting worse. So, I had to bring myself down to an assessment center, mask up, and get a q-tip shoved waaaaaay up my nose. Now I'm "self-isolating" and waiting for the results. 

    I'm 99.9% certain I have a simple respiratory infection that may or may not need treatment to get cleared up, but I can't shake feeling vaguely guilty about the whole thing. My rationale for waiting was that I didn't want to add to the load on the health care system at a critical time, but now I'm feeling like I should have acted sooner - possibly only because the whole thing would have been resolved by now. 

    TLDR: Felt sick, might delete later.
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    My employer just cancelled all non-essential air travel for colleagues worldwide (three days after I returned from India). In order to travel by air you have to get approval from a VP.

    They've also cancelled the annual Sales and Operations conference in San Diego later this month and pulled out of the biggest industry trade show of the year. Knowing how big of a deal these events are for the business, these decisions have brought COVID-19 into sharp focus for me.
  • The 5th Annual Bald Move Awards 2019!

    Watched live. Great job Team BM. Curse your perennial undervaluing of comedic performances. :lol:
  • Cats Reviews Are In

    Pop Quiz hotshot. Which of these celebrities is not in the Cats movie?

    1. Taylor Swift
    2. Jennifer Hudson
    3. James Corden
    4. Idris Freaking Elba
    5. SIR Ian McKellan
    6. Rebel Wilson
    7. Jason DeRulo

    Trick question. THEY ARE ALL IN IT. What the actual fuck is going on?
  • His Dark Materials

    I'm going to say @alexisonpaper is in a great position to revive "Mildly Interesting" from its early grave.
    JaimieTTeresa from ConcordCecilyElisarkcrawf