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    Marci said:
    ... My niece and nephew graduated from North Paulding High School in the Atlanta area...
    Small world! I moved back to Paulding County 3 months ago.  Lived here from around 2005 through 2015.  I went to school a county over in Douglas, but my dad's family have been here for generations.

    EDIT:  Also, meant to mention the student, Hannah Watters, had her suspension lifted and removed from her record.  She is a hero.  I expect this action and it's fallout will basically guarantee her entry to whatever college she chooses to attend.
    This is getting weird. Born and raised in Douglas before moving to Paulding 5 years ago. Very small world. 

  • The Last of Us 2: Spoilers

    Finally finished and damn, what an amazing game. I guess I’m in the minority because I think I’m Team Abby(gun to my head) I’m amazed at how the visceral hate I had for a character was completely changed by the end. I wanted to put the controller down during that last fight and yell “Stop Fighting!!” Don’t get me wrong, I still love Ellie but I don’t know that I’ve ever played a game where I did not want to progress the story because I disagreed with my character’s decision so much. Tommy pulling out that map, was a bigger gut punch than Joel dying for me. I was literally mumbling “No, no, no, no” to myself while it was playing out. Hats off to Naughty Dog. They’re pretty good at making video games. 

    Side note: Dina was played by Shannon Woodward who also played Elsie from Westworld so that’s pretty cool. 
  • What are you playing?

    @ken hale Uncharted 2 is one of the greatest games ever made and 3 was pretty meh. If you’re even “thinking” about playing part 2, then get on that. That game has some of the best set pieces in gaming history. 
    Chinaskiken hale
  • 506 - Wexler v. Goodman (Spoilers)

    @Michelle I agree about Nacho. What a cruel twist of fate it would be if one of my favorite characters from Breaking Bad(Mike) ends up being the demise of one of my favorite characters from Better Call Saul(Nacho).  :'( 
  • 506 - Wexler v. Goodman (Spoilers)

    Chinaski said:
    Oh - the scene with Howard and the hookers and Jimmy doing a play by play. I was rolling.
    haha oh poor poor 'Howie' :D

    what did y'all think of Mike's work on getting Lalo busted?
    I didn’t really like it. Seemed a little too easy to con that librarian. Why is Mike all-in on working for Gus now? Just for revenge?  That seemed like a leap to me. Is it something else we don’t know yet or was that the definitive moment last week?