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  • What are you binging right now?

    Does anyone else’s brain start a feedback loop when reading the word “binging?” My brain says binge-ing but my eyes says bing-ing. I dunno, it’s just a weird word, that’s all I’m saying. 

    I’m currently on a TNG binge that I started when Picard was released. I remember background watching with my dad as a kid so I pretty much knew all the characters but didn’t really follow the stories. I’m loving the hell out of this show. Currently I’m in the tail end of season 4. 
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  • Quarantine with 3

    Hatorian said:
    Hitler, Alexander, Napoleon

    Tesla, Einstein, Hawking

    Plato, Aristotle, Confucius

    Jesus, Budha, Mohammed

    Some people just want to watch the world burn  :p
  • Westworld -301- Parce Domine (Spoilers)

    All this futuristic technology and people still using manual toothbrushes? Serious side, I’m glad we got a couple reveals already in the first episode. I was already thinking that his war buddy was some kind of A.I. and that would’ve been annoying as a week to week mystery. Maybe they’re gonna take a page out of Watchmen’s playbook with the mini reveals to camouflage a larger one. 
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

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  • 405 - Method Not Allowed

    redlancer said:
    Dummy said:
    Holy smokes, I thought this was a really great episode. I'm a sucker for long scenes where a lot is happening and no dialogue, and this was basically an entire episode of that. I would say there is a couple scenes where it was a little weird there was no dialogue like when Dom got to her mom's or Darlene getting past the security guard, but it isn't like it's impossible and they made sense in context. Poor Krista can't catch a break. Thoughts? 
    They did some creative editing to cut around where there would be dialog. Darlene getting past the security guard they cut to to outside view of Elliot looking at them just as she walks over to the guard to plead her case. In span of show time we only see about 30 seconds of Dom at her parents house, plenty of time to leave out the "mom, I'm here" and the "I'm taking the dog for a walk"

    Now the discussion of which was harder to pull off: One-shot action packed hacker episode, or no-dialog action packed hacker episode. Both of them the got me perfectly with getting about 20 minutes into the episode before it totally sinks in what Esmail is doing, and then fully on-board for the remaining time.

    Also agreed, the ice rink thing was a bit out of place. Wonder if that was a day of shooting thing where they saw the ice rink and did a "wouldn't it be funny/cool if..." moment that didn't *quite* work in the rest of the context of the scene.

    I was waiting for Elliott to pull Kevin’s move from Home Alone on the ice rink. That would’ve been simultaneously cringey and awesome.