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  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    My god, the writing of this season is as bad as The Walking Dead. Characters behaving out of character to move the plot forward.  

    Edit: I don't think anyone is wrong for liking this show/episode. But the dothraki charging into darkness or Dany not seeing the iron fleet don't make logical sense... 
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  • 804 - Could it be...Satan?

    @TBINKANSAS I also wondered that: "Were the witches able to teleport???" Did I just not remember an important part?

    @Cecily Michael says during his ritual after being confronted with Mallory that he thought he killed all the witches. And now we know he had met Emma Roberts, Cordelia, and Myrtle and knew they were witches in the past, so he must have killed them in that gap in time. How did they get brought back if they're the last three witches outside of the bunker witches?? So excited for answers in the coming episodes. 
  • 803 - Forbidden Fruit

    In case other people wanted to google it during the commercial break:

    “[Snake venom] almost always need to be injected into the blood stream and thus carried round the body to be effective.  If ingested, the acids and enzymes contained in both saliva and the stomach will break [venom] down to harmless chemicals very quickly.”
  • The Last Jedi (Spoilers Section)

    Overall, I liked it. It was a good action movie but maybe not a real good Star Wars movie. Disclaimer: I'm a casual Star Wars fan, not huge the lore and fandom. 

    • I liked the lesson of the movie: Accept your failures and let go of the past.
    • The action sequences were beautiful in both cinematography and choreography.
    • The Rey and Kylo dynamic was interesting and compelling. 
    • Less of the cartoony casino would have allowed for more training with Luke/Rey and more backstory between Kylo/Snoke. What did Snoke mean to Kylo? Was it a big deal to Kylo for him to betray Snoke? @Luke @Lannitik @A_Ron_Hubbard ;  
    • The tone and pacing was inconsistent. To go from tense moments to comical and lighthearted casino moments felt like emotion whiplash. @JoshuaHeter
    • With dropped subplots (eg Knights of Ren), open-ended mysteries, and plot holes, it kinda feels like Lost (The Angry Joe - "Top ten things that made us angry about TLJ").
    • Luke. The Luke Skywalker from original trilogy would do anything to help his friends and family and fought so hard to find the light in Darth freakin' Vader. Would he not extend that same mercy to his nephew? Would he ignore Leia's call to him? Was Ben Solo turning dark enough of a catalyst for Luke to be so different in this movie? @mcp6842 @darwinfeeshy
  • 701 - Election Night

    @bertnee I was about to say that you may be overblowing the Ivy and Oz plots, but then I remembered it's AHS and who freakin' knows what they'll do.

    @Hatorian, I see what you mean. Though the first 15 mins were very entertaining in a shocking or offensive way, if the entire season were like that, I'd lose my suspension of disbelief because AHS might look too much like tv news stations (each side hyperbolizing the other). But I think it switched back into AHS realm when the supermarket became scary because of a creepy clown gang and not just because of some dude in a Trump hat. 

    @KingKobra, and @Frakkin T , I agree with you guys too. I want to give the showrunners that benefit of the doubt that they're not just pushing their brand of politics, but rather trying to shine a mirror up to the whole system to show how flawed it is. Most of America is not a hyper-political 20 year old like Kai and Winter. And by showing them together, we the audience can see how far off those stereotypes actually are.