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  • Redeemer on FX. New show from Nic Pizzolatto And Matthew McConaughey

    Sounds like True Detective Season 4. I'm in:


  • Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

    I don't like this trailer and I imagine the show will be much better. Nathan Lane as a detective? That should be interesting to say the least. Loved the first iteration of the show. Too bad it ended abruptly. 
  • The Last Watch

    I have a different take on this than the boys, or A. Ron, I think, more than Jim. From what I understand, A, Ron wanted more of a traditional doc, with more focus on David and Dan, pre- and post-production, scene breakdowns and writing, etc.

    I found this much more interesting than the usual behind the scenes extras you see on Blu Rays. You can get that stuff anywhere.

    We've heard from D&D a million times. They weren't going to talk about the final episode. No way. This isn't an unusual thing. Ron Moore from BSG didn't say anything after BSG ended. Other creators and show runners have doe the same thing. I got the feeling that A. Ron thought that this show was a calculated move of some sort, but to what purpose or conclusion I do not know. (A. Ron, forgive me if I got your analysis wrong.)

    I found one of the most insightful scenes to be the table read. Of course they're going to edit it. It would have been nice to have seen more reactions, but we got some major ones, at least.

    I found it interesting to see just hw much goes into making the show. And I loved the profile of the extra player, who was a Stark man for several seasons. 

    A. Ron, you mentioned that you saw some of the battle scene from the Long Night on a monitor and it looked better. 
    That's raw footage. When they go into color-correct, it's modified. Usually the director is in color-correct, giving advice on how he or she wants it displayed. Sometimes directors aren't even allowed a color-correct session, because they are notorious for fucking things up for "art's sake." Somehow, Sapochnick and the editor went way too dark on that episode. Were they trying to cover up mistakes, or bad scene-setting. Who knows?

    Anyway, I ramble. 

    Have a good day.

  • Creepy Midwestern Dolls

    The boys said that everyone in the town should have known what those creepy dolls were, so they shouldn't have been so puzzled. 
    That makes a lot of sense, and I guess it's an oversight on the writing.

    BUT, when Jim and A. Ron said they KNEW what those dolls were and that they were very popular in the midwest, please know guys, that the majority of the viewing audience only saw CREEPY ASS DOLLS. 

    So my question is, when Ali (I'm not even going to try to write his first name) found the dolls, since you knew what they were, did it still freak you out? That was the intended reaction, I believe. So, even if you did know what they were, it was still weird, right? I mean,  you probably said: Why would those dolls (that I've seen before) be at a crime scene? So I wonder if it still had the intended effect.

    I just wanted to throw that out there. I was REALLY surprised when you both knew what they were. I stand by my suggestion that most of us didn't, and it immediately felt weird/cultish/psycho-spherish.

  • AMC's The Terror

    I came here to start a thread but I see there already is one. Wow. Those first two episodes were great. This really seems like something A. Ron would like, considering his love of the Master & Commander books.

    And the cast! Wow. Looks like AMC does have some money after all. (People talk a lot about how TWD is notoriously cheap on production and actors' salaries.)

    I know this is based on a book, and I'm really trying to stay away from spoilers. I'm not sure if there is something supernatural at the heart of the show and I don't want it ruined by some reviewer. Anyway, I'll be tuning in again. I may just buy the season, which I do for most shows I watch.