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  • Where I felt bald move went wrong in 2018

    Add in Homecoming for 2019, maybe a short retrospective cast before season 2. Fantastic show
  • Forums site slow

    It’s extremely slow 
  • Happy (Belated) Veterans Day

    Just noticed no one posted this so i thought i would. Not sure any BM ers are vets or are serving.  Thanks to all veterans and all serving our country now.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Alkaid13 said:
    I mean look, if you assume being Anti-Trump means being Anti-Conservative then that’s really a sad state of affairs considering the man isn’t even all that representative of what I’ve always heard were core Conservative ideologies. Whatever you may have thought about Obama, and I have plenty of disagreements about the way Obama ran things, he wasn’t a literal racist. Also Climate Change is real based on pretty much all scientific evidence, if you come here to argue about easily proven facts you’re going to have a bad time and that’s just how it is. Like ARon said earlier, we’re not head to rehash arguments about the most banal stuff that the majority of the rest of the world accepts as simple fact, there are plenty of other places you can argue about that in. If you’re a person who thinks the racist, transphobic policies coming out of this admin are a fair trade off for judges or tax cuts or, worse that they’re actively good, then I don’t know what to tell you other than you need to seriously reevaluate your life choices because these things are actively hurting a pretty large swathe of people so that you can passively benefit from some small economic uptick at best. We have plenty of actual evidence to support the decisions that BM has arrived and and I’m personally always willing to hash it out privately with some people about why we’ve come to the conclusions that we’ve arrived at but we’re not going to debate this anymore because it just goes nowhere and that’s unproductive. I want this thread to debate the merits of various policies as political tools, or to devise solutions on how to solve the many ills we currently face as both a nation and a planet, I don’t want to talk about the latest dumb, racist thing Trump has done and argue for 3 pages about whether it was dumb and racist, it probably was. If these conclusions are unpalatable to anyone, that’s fine, we’re not asking you to change your beliefs overnight but the BM community at large is both wide and diverse and I know for a fact that several polices from this admin negatively impact the livelihood and wellbeing of several members for really no damn good reason and we’re not going to let this become a place where people ‘argue intellectually’ about policies that actively and negatively target memebers of the BM family. That’s just now how we roll here, if you don’t feel the same way then maybe don’t talk about politics, there are plenty of non political threads to chat in, if you want to continue to talk about politics then you have to accept the change in rules. 
    I appreciate what you’ve said. Hopefully you can tell from my words that I don’t forgive or accept his behavior.  
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    I have updated the forum rules to add clarification and guidance to these political posts. Read them carefully, because they don't say whatever knee jerk thing you think they say. This is a family table, it has a certain vibe, and we're not having shouting matches at it. Treat being here the same way I treat going to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving; look for common ground from which to build bridges, tell your truths from a place of love and respect, and keep your mouth shut when you can't. I promise if I ever come to your house I'll bow my head if you ask me to pray. Just basic respect for your hosts is what I'm asking for here.
    I fear that these rules inhibit the discussion of politics from both sides.  Basically if I’m cheering the economy or any other policy out of the White House I’m being stereotyped as a racist or sexist?  I think it’s very hard to encourage conservative views without relating to Trump.  I can’t stand the guy either but he is our president.  I couldn’t stand Obama, but he was our president.  I’m basically being asked to keep my mouth shut and look at this thread or any forum thread as the “ Anti-Trump” thread, or “Left politics only please”.  Are you seriously denying any opinion at all on climate change? It’s real, and if you oppose you’re out?  Personally I’m unsure. I lean one way then the other, but that me.  I like to hear both sides.  It just feels pretty hostile in here and makes me question my membership.  Sad really.  I got into the club to support bald move for what it was doing. I saw two guys giving up their careers to do something bold that they love.  I don’t take advantage of most of the club perks but I still pay in.  I get it.  Don’t cheer Trump works for me.  Just hope you understand my two cents.