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  • James Gunn fired from Guardians 3

    Taika Waititi has been thrown out there as a good director to replace Gunn since Thor Ragnarok did well and has some of the same humor we see in GotG.
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  • James Gunn fired from Guardians 3

    anubus21 said:
    I am vegetarian so the ham part is out, but pineapple belongs on pizza :)
    Yay or nay on black olives? 
    No olives of any kind, anywhere!
    Have to go with you there, for some reason I can't deal with those little buggers! Now green or red pepper...bring that on all day every day, and some pickled jalapenos!
  • James Gunn fired from Guardians 3

    @JaimieT I didn't mention anyone specifically. IMO some folks in that thread jumped the gun and didn't wait to respond for even 1 day before they buried the guy. Some or all of what she has claimed could still be true, but the evidence since her declaration would seem to suggest otherwise...I could be wrong, don't know yet and I am sure more is yet to come with Hardwick.

    The intent of my post was also to comment on how rapidly our culture, and folks on Bald Move, will move to crucify a person. People can read the posts in that thread and make up their own minds. What I don't appreciate is being called a dick, a troll or threatened with being kicked off. I catch insults from folks on here all the time and I responded with cursing in the past, and it got me booted. I don't think what I said was grounds for a personal attack, especially from a mod who then threatens to boot me.
  • James Gunn fired from Guardians 3

    JaimieT said:
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    nstinson said:
    I don't know, this thread feels more like another ripping the right thread. *shrugs*
    Well, he was 100% fired because a right-wing Internet troll started a campaign against him because he tweeted some anti-Trump sentiments.
    He also supported the firing of others recently for shit that they said, which has been pointed out by other people (who are liberal), but I digress. 

    I think this is a well balanced statement in an Open Letter from the from the cast that Chris Pratt posted today, and I agree with much of it. I hope people don't think they are "alt-right" for using the term "mob mentality" here.  ;)

    How come more people can't be like these folks?

    Because they don't wait 10 days to respond, or even 1 day.
    Evidence of which, from some of our brothers and sisters on the forums, can be found in the Chris Hardwick is a POS thread a few weeks back
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  • Moving Abroad

    Hatorian said:
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    Hatorian said:
    anubus21 said:
    I moved to Australia when I was 23 for grad school and never once regretted it. I planned to go for 1.5 years for 1 degree, and ended up staying for a 2nd degree and working after that. In all I was there for 6 years before I moved back to the US. Even if you only live overseas for a few years I would say go, do not walk! It was the biggest, most enjoyable experience of my life (next to getting married last year and having a baby coming in December this year).

    Don't know about moving in your 30's (I went when i was younger and had school and then a work visa) but my guess is you have probably worked long enough that you have enough points to apply for work visas that will keep you in whatever country you want to go to. I personally would suggest Australia or New Zealand as they are great countries with awesome people, and far far away from here haha. Culture shock isn't as bad in these two countries but much slower pace than the US which takes some getting used to, and it can sometimes feel weird having your seasons be in reverse but that all passes quickly.

    I'm with @Hatorian in that it can be hard being away from your family (which is why I moved back eventually), but it's a lot easier now than it was when I went over in 2004. Facebook, skype, Facetime, snapchat, etc etc make it loads easier. Also, making friends is big! I had an ultimate frisbee community to jump into which helped so if you play sports or have a hobby you love I would look for those wherever you move to meet like minded people.

    Wherever you do go....can ya save a couch for all the Bald Movers who want to come visit? :)
    What did you do in Australia for work?

    I would kind of like to take a year or two living in another country, but I always hang on "how will I pay for it" Since I'm not wealthy and don't like debt. 
    Sales then sales manager for a Telco when I was in AU. Sydney is expensive for certain things. Your salary is higher but the higher cost of things evens out. It’s like living in SF or NY. 

    if you smoke forget about it. $30 a pack now. 

    AU has a immigration website that shows what types of jobs they are looking for and how to best find them. Can’t rememver the name but if you Google AU work immigration I think it will come up. 
    I worked in museums. Got both my masters degrees in public history and museum studies. What industry are you in @emnofseattle?
    Another double master in the house. MA in military history and MBA. 
    Nice, where did you get your MA?