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  • Master and Commander: The Book(s)

    After listening to the podcast, never having seen the movie, I was toying with the idea of giving the books a try. Yesterday, while in a thrift shop, while I was walking by a shelf of books, the name Patrick O'Brian popped out at me. I realized it was the second book of the series that caught my eye, but upon further investigation, I found the first and third books as well, so I guess it was a sign. $1.50 later, I'm ready to pull up anchor and see what all the hype is about. Looking forward to cracking the first book tonight.
  • Official Direct Thread: Guillermo del Toro - Epilogue (General Discussion)

    Was anyone here able to
    get the P.T. demo on PS4? It was a free download, but the game has since been
    cancelled, so the demo is no longer available. Hideo Kojima directed the demo
    and was going to be directing the game, but his departure from Konami put the kibosh
    on that, and is likely the reason for the game’s cancellation and removal of
    the demo from PSN.

    The reason this is
    relevant is because Guillermo del Toro
    collaborated on the demo with Hideo Kojima
    , and his influences are extremely evident,
    especially after hearing his movies discussed in a critical manner.

    I don’t want to spoil
    the demo, though if you don’t have it, there’s really no way to get it that I’m
    aware of, but you could probably find playthrough videos online, and I’d say it’s
    worth a watch.

    Dead children,
    water/heavy rain, insects, setting the mood with light color and ghosts are
    some of the del Toroisms I noticed in my playthrough last night, but I actually
    had to have my friend who showed it to me finish it for me. It was so scary
    that I literally could not bring myself to play it; just watching it was hard