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  • 306: Decoherence

    I thought it was obvious but maybe I am missing something but the synthetic protein in Williams blood was the tracker holarus mentioned and she was the one who disabled the reading of it to not show as being there which confirmed to holarus that William was where they sent Bernard.
  • American Gods 203 - Muninn

    I actually really liked Harajuku Media, and the competitive dynamic it creates between her and Technical Boy.

    Also, I thought having a Japanese schoolgirl being molested by a tentacle monster was gratuitous. Is this going to be a recurring theme?
    Reni said:
    And if we're going back to the last episode: who do you guys think gave the coin to Shadow?
    I think it was pretty heavily implied that Wednesday gave the coin to Shadow (and is Shadow's father).
    I was a bit gratuitous but molesting implies it was against her will which it very much was not. She wanted the power but she could have just grabbed two tentacles in her hands. Also if I remember right about the coin I definitely though Wednesday but I agree they are playing fast and loose because I swore to coin passer's voice sounded somewhat like Mr. World. Also I guess Wednesday could want Shadow raised across the world as some way of powering up to be a foil to Mr. World which is possible.
  • American Gods 203 - Muninn

    Then I shall transfer my thought.

    So when Shadow's mom in a flashback was on the phone with presumably Shadow's father and she said something to the effect I have been taking him to live across the world ... does this low-key hint toward Mr. World being Shadow's father?
  • 303 - The Big Never

    So there is this Dr. Amy Bishop who killed her brother when she was 19 then went on a murder rampage as an adult and they think it could have been motivated by D & D

  • Sharp Objects Ep. 8 - Milk

    They said they ran into some technical difficulties and they will post it after their twitch stream around 6 pm or so.