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    This just reminded me of a time in college when a good female friend, and her guest, asked if they could make an *OldGriswold* sandwich.

    Happened a few times, including a couple of "I'm cold, spoon me, *OldGriswold*!" when we were camping without sleeping bags (in England).

    Yeah, it took me a while but I got the hint in the end.  What a dumbass.
  • I swear this will make it all better: Leslie Jones and Seth Meyers work their magic on the finale

    What's chrinobil white folks!?
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    It was "at least I'm not completely fuming" episode.  The first 15-20 mins, like many other episodes here, were pretty great.

    I just did not get the order of:
    - Even though he killed your queen, release Jon please, now that you didn't kill him after sacking a city full of innocents
    - Dany liberated the iron islands, IDGAF how many other people she massacred
    - Okay now decide who is King
    - Bran the Broken, because I'm schmart (I'll deny this in a few mins don't worry)
    - Okay Bran then, but I'm gonna be queen in the North, they died a lot up there, they won't bend the knee to NED STARKS ONLY LIVING SON
    - Ye okay, glad nobody else is mad about having to have me as their king even though I'm letting you have your own

    Followed by Frodo leaving with the elves. And Isn't Bronn hilarious with his hijinks and whoring lolololol

    Ah, what a missed opportunity.
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  • Who's done?

    Bron is gonna kill Tyrion before Dany does.

    Either that or he's gonna assassinate Dany and Drogon.

    "What's double highgarden!?"
    "The Iron Throne"
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  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    Okay so here's what is gonna happen, because this show is Hollywood now

    Cleganebowl happens because Arya is on the way to wipe the only name left on her list - Cersei.  Hound is basically about to die, Arya dies instead saving him and killing The Mountain.

    Jaime heads back and gets caught by Euron fucking Cersei.  Euron kills Jaime and then strangles Cersei to fulfil valonquar prophesy.

    Tyrion doesn't immediately run to Dany and tell her about Varys.  Dany finds out and kills them both very much mad-king style in front of each other.

    Jon gets to Kings Landing to see it a flaming ruin.  Dany basically said F You, he does what people were hoping Jaime would have done several seasons ago with Cersei - sad, but kills her for the good of the people.

    Jon sits the throne, reluctantly, as one of the few actual living people left.  Gets poisoned by Qyburn.  Bronn turns up and shoots Qyburn in the arsehole with the crossbow.  Does a Jaime and sits on the iron throne himself.

    Sansa sends ravens to find out WTF happened.  Sam is the only one to RSVP, to ignore everything she wants to know and instead brag about his new book that is probably going to get published.
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