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  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    The Legend of Pod the Rod was killed last night. He drank when Brienne was asked if she was a virgin. He got his money back from the King's Landing sex workers because they didn't have sex!
    I just read that as a awkward shit I'm gonna drink so I don't have to acknowledge the situation

    I thought the whole point of the game was to ask a specific person something until you don't read them right and then it's your turn to drink
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  • 804 - The Last of the Starks

    Okay so here's what is gonna happen, because this show is Hollywood now

    Cleganebowl happens because Arya is on the way to wipe the only name left on her list - Cersei.  Hound is basically about to die, Arya dies instead saving him and killing The Mountain.

    Jaime heads back and gets caught by Euron fucking Cersei.  Euron kills Jaime and then strangles Cersei to fulfil valonquar prophesy.

    Tyrion doesn't immediately run to Dany and tell her about Varys.  Dany finds out and kills them both very much mad-king style in front of each other.

    Jon gets to Kings Landing to see it a flaming ruin.  Dany basically said F You, he does what people were hoping Jaime would have done several seasons ago with Cersei - sad, but kills her for the good of the people.

    Jon sits the throne, reluctantly, as one of the few actual living people left.  Gets poisoned by Qyburn.  Bronn turns up and shoots Qyburn in the arsehole with the crossbow.  Does a Jaime and sits on the iron throne himself.

    Sansa sends ravens to find out WTF happened.  Sam is the only one to RSVP, to ignore everything she wants to know and instead brag about his new book that is probably going to get published.
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  • IMPORTANT: The Proper Way to Take Your Shoes/Socks Off

    #NotASerialKiller but I put my footwear on Sock>Shoe; Sock>Shoe.  You can't be contaminating the sock before it goes into the shoe.  Otherwise, you have a dirty sock AND a dirty shoe.  I know it's neurotic.  My floors are freshly vacuumed.  It might be the result of buying stupid expensive socks ($15-20 USD/pair) and the cognitive dissonance that begets.
    $20 for a pair of socks!? Just pay someone to put your socks on for you, bro!
  • IMPORTANT: The Proper Way to Take Your Shoes/Socks Off

    Who the fuck does shoe sock shoe sock

    That being said I take my socks off with my toes like a mutant so what do I know
    Flukes said:
    Assuming you're a sane person and take both socks off at the same time and shoes are right out, the proper technique is to use only your feet for the operation.

    1. Have socks on.
    2. Grasp the top of the left sock using the first two toes of the still-socked right foot.
    3. Pull the left sock down and off using your right foot. Be sure to keep the left sock held between your right toes.
    4. Grasp the top of the right sock using the first two toes of the now un-socked left foot.
    5. Pull the right sock down and off using the left foot while pulling the left sock into the right sock to form a sock bundle.
    6. Use kicking motion to fling the sock bundle at the nearest spouse, child, or other family member.

    ---- Edit ----

    Puppeteers wearing socks on their hands are violating natural laws and do not deserve our consideration. 

    Marry me?
  • 802 - “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

    On the Arya thing as far as I am concerned it made total sense, just was a bit quick.  I understand why some people freaked out when, despite her arc and independence, she's been referred to and has referred to herself as "a girl".  One extra like from Jon would have done the trick, not just "look at youuuu!" But "look at you, you're a woman now".

    Other thoughts are that since a rewatch I've liked this episode a lot more.  There were many character moments that gave the audience a lot to reminisce about but also remind them of a character journey and resolidify why we will care when many of them die.

    I particularly loved the Hounds "I fought for you, didn't I?".  He has a complicated relationship with the Stark girls but they've been one of the reasons behind changing his character from butcherboy killing to almost dying from a fight to prevent Arya being taken away by a Lannister (Brienne).  It was the right amount of pathetic in his voice.

    I also think he's destined to burn to death.