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  • Foodie Corner

    ^mmm so British.

    My favorite British dishes:
    #1 Bath Chaps
    #2 Bubble & Squeak

    @cdrive I've never heard of Bath Chaps and have never eaten Bubble and Squeak, I don't know what kind of Brit that makes me haha!
    Not a very good one!

    For my full english:
    2-4 Sausages (links, no patties please)
    2 slices Back bacon
    Baked beans
    Fried Eggs
    Fried mushrooms
    Fried tomato
    Fried Bread
    Black pudding

    HP Sauce

    If I can be bothered to irish it up, I'll also lash some white pudding and maybe even some hash browns or chopped fried potatos (no no no chips!  not a breakfast food!)

    Also always need a bug fat mug of tea

    Bloody hell I'm so hungry now!
  • How To Raise a Human

    So, after over three years of challenges (a whole bunch of crap we don't need to go into), we're finally expecting our first human in a couple of months!

    I figured I'd reach out to all you sensible folk at BM and see if we can put together some tips, advice, life lessons, and "whatever you do..." kind of things.

    Personally, I'd like for us to raise a feminist (we know the baby is a male), someone who respects diversity, and who questions the world rather than taking it at face value.  Especially important these days, I think.  Easier said than done!  As it stands I'm planning on not raising a Christian/Jewish/Muslim/Scientologist etc. child, but help to guide them until they are ready, able and willing to make a decision on whether they want to follow a doctrine or not.
  • GRRM Says Winds of Winter Not Going to Be Released Before S6 Premiers

    For those of you looking for grittier fantasy, I recommend Joe Abercrombie's The Blade Itself (post GRRM), and Glen Cook's The Black Company (pre-GRRM)
  • 108 - "Trace Decay"

    "I figured they retired you" doesn't really prove anything - William can't be the only guest that host has welcomed to the park over the years or MIB may recognize her from a different role she played.

    Speaking of guests recognizing hosts in different roles, why would the park re-cast hosts immediately (like Maeve as a madame in Sweetwater after her homesteader role) when they have hundreds of hosts in storage that are apparently (according to Charlotte) pretty easy to program for new roles? Why keep making new host bodies at all if they aren't concerned about guests seeing hosts in different roles?
    The hosts in cold storage are the malfunctioned/decommissioned ones

    I see a horror show happening once they "reactivate" Abernathy
  • Einhorn is Finkle... Finkle is Einhorn

    Arnold is Dolores is Wyatt
    If you were Ford and wanted to create a sex-bot, wouldn't you make it a pretty female?  We now have strong hints (or confirmation?) that Arnold is a host, perhaps even the first to pass the Turing test, and that Ford refined him over time.  This makes total sense, that you'd use someone that was in some way better than yourself but under your control to move your work forward.  

    What if Arnold's self-awareness led him to plant himself in the bicameral mind of Dolores so that he could live again, later, or as a virus to enlighten Dolores the first time around?  This could explain why Dolores in her current timeline ("when are we?") seems to be getting hints in her brain from Arnold.

    As for her being Wyatt - Teddy's flashbacks seemed to show the scene of "Wyatt" killing indescriminately in the original village - the village where Dolores also then has her own flashback in her pre-William days of it being her holding the gun, before William stops her from killing herself.  Then they look at the township and only the steeple from the church is visible, the rest buried.  Would give a little more sense to the Ford comment that Dolores and Ford are not friends, exactly.  Would be a sweet irony if Teddy's nemesis was also his sought-after lover.