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  • 106 - "The Adversary"

    I thought this week was a really weak episode.

    The whole Maeve storyline doesn't make any sense.  Why put her intelligence all the way to the top when you can immediately put it all the way to the bottom, reset her, and get on with your life?  Not exactly rocket science.

    I was bored for most of this one.
  • We Need Your Help -- Video

    92 cents per week.

    It's not even a question of "how valuable is Bald Move Premium to me?".... The question is --" Is Bald Move valuable to me at all? "

    Because it won't just be the premium feeds that disappear.
    I wish I could like this more than once.  I wish that people realised this more.
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  • We Need Your Help -- Video


    I can see the pain in your faces and hear it in your beautiful voices.  What a hard thing to do.

    That being said, I'm glad you did it.

    $48 is high for me (and I live in New York City).  The good news is because of Brexit I get to spend slightly less on gifts for my family back in blighty (or I could have got them nicer things) - so I'll be investing in Bald Move.

    When my subscription is up, I'll be renewing at the new rate.  In the meantime, if you don't object, I'd rather sponsor someone else's club membership who can't afford it than just donate through the tip jar some time this week.  I'm not exactly sure how to do that.  I feel its both going to be useful to keep some of those paid members, as well as spread the word a little more for the same monetary benefit for you guys.

    At $12 a year, and having only stumbled across you guys halfway through this year's GoT, I felt it was fair, given the high quality.  I'd never paid for a podcast before.  Then, I made sure all the stuff I bought I used Amazon and your link - because why not?  Thing is, the only reason I really saw this post is because I came back onto the forums after remembering you guys mention the Westworld Podcast plans in (I think) the GoT season 1 rewatch.  Point is, for me I am not too interested in the rest of the podcasts for now, and haven't even mined some of the, probably gold-standard archive materials or other shows (though you almost convinced me to seek out  Mr. Bad Robot.  I didn't even know how to access and use the ad-free feeds until this week.

    Maybe I'm not your typical audience member.  If I am close to it, though, I think it may be tough to keep people's money coming your way at 48 bucks.  That's not because your product is bad, but because the focus is so wide and the quality does... not... drop.

    I'd suggest hitting the current podcasts hard with this call to action.  Maybe you've got more GoTers listening to your active casts right now, or maybe they'll binge watch Westworld at the end of the season and listen to each of the podcasts and your messages and find a way to get some moolah your way.

    It's coming up to Thanksgiving, and we've got Bezos to thank in part of this situation.  Let's hope that by the time the Holidays roll around you're in a much stronger position.