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  • 701 rumoured possible spoilers

    So I have kept an eye on the STDF Fb page and they have mentioned more then a few times that glen has not been spotted on set since episode 1 neither has Abraham, there was also a rumour that the following happens

    Back to current time, Abraham looks to Maggie who is sitting next to glens body and crying

    Michonne is seen comforting Maggie

    Abraham suddenly gets up and charges and negan, knocking negan to the ground. He then punches negan to the ground

    Multiple saviours rush to the area take Abraham off of negan and start beating up Abraham

    Negan orders them to step back and gets Abraham up and tells Abraham, it's an emotional moment I get it

    He then takes out a knife and stabs Abraham in the guts

    Negan then looks at Rick and says "I already told you there are no exceptions"

    To be clear the script I have typed is not from TSDF but the set sittings are from them, the script is from a website and group.

    This sounds very good but at the same time very sad to me

  • Suiside plans

    Ok 1st of all I owe you guys a massive thank you. Especially to a.ron (not trying to be biast but he's a busy guy) I'm shocked as to how easily you guys may have found my place I live but not my specific address. Suiside for me isn't off the table it's something I have been thinking about constantly. I probably need a fresh start and to meet new people and to be honest I no longer want to live with my family and I don't want to see half of them again. It's a very difficult time for me and I hope I can get through it and not give into ending it all. It's going to be tough and the hardest thing I've been through. But again thank you all soo much for the support. If someone could tag a.ron and let him know that would be nice (because I don't know how to). I was also stood up for by my date which made things a lot worse.

    Again thank you all