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  • Eddie Murphy is hosting SNL tonight

    He still got it. Eddie had me dying.
  • POSITIVE Star Wars Episode 9 SPOILERS Thread

    About what Finn needed to tell Rey, JJ is trying to leave that open to the viewer but apparently he himself is leaning with revealing to Rey he's Force sensitive.

    Shame the sequel trilogy dropped the ball a little on Finn. Through Force Awakens I always saw him as important in the conflict between Kylo and Rey. Seemed like he had equal amount of conflict with Kylo considering his defection. 

    Anyway this is the positivity thread so here are my positives:

    - LOVED the Wedge cameo. I have such an irrational adoration for that minor character that a 1 second cameo on the Millennium Falcon was satisfying enough for me. Would've preferred he had a couple more lines and see him blasting a few TIEs but beggars can't be choosy in this case. 

    - Really like that Finn is Force sensitive and makes him feel more important to the future of the brand, particularly in books or comics. 

    - Though I felt they fumbled the Palpatine subplot I still quite love watching Ian Mcdiarmid portray the character. I can just watch that dude slice butter and talk about how hate flows through us all, for hours. 

    - I like Rey being a Palpatine. If they were going to walk back the whole "she's a nobody" thing at the very least they didn't make her related by blood to Luke or Obi-Wan. Plus I think it serves a bit of a neat contrast to Luke where one wants to redeem his father and embraces his name while the other knows she can't redeem her grandfather and rejects his name. 
  • Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker *SPOILER DISCUSSION*

    As much as I liked that the TLJ revelation of Rey's parents, I actually like that Rey is a Palpatine. I feel the mistake was that JJ retconned her parents from filthy junk traders to these good people who needed to protect her by abandonment. I think I would've preferred they kept them drunks but make them more tragic rather than that they were scumbags. I don't know. 

  • Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker *SPOILER DISCUSSION*

    What they did to Hux too was pretty lazy. I liked that he was the spy but the dialogue they gave him in declaring he was the mole and why he was helping the Resistance just felt like a big white flag from JJ.
  • Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker *SPOILER DISCUSSION*

    rkcrawf said:
    Well, it didn't suck. However there was something lifeless about a lot of the film. Just a pretty hollow experience sadly. 

    As someone who LOVES the Last Jedi, while there were certainly "digs" at it, it actually didn't feel like the big middle finger that critics made it out to be. I will say there was absolutely no good reason Rose couldn't have at least been part of the fetch quest. And I don't want to hear that it should be only the big 3. It could've been the 4 of them just like how Lando was a part of the adventure in ROTJ after becoming a principal character in the prior film. It kind of pisses me off that JJ let the fucking haters win on that one.
    I don't see any reason to include Rose. I don't see any reason to exclude Rose. I don't think she mattered. I liked Lando in the early part of the film. I thought he was also unnecessary in the later half. It was like he was Poe's own personal Force ghost.

    What I did like was Keri Russell as the Rocketeer. Would have liked to see more of her:

    I get why you think that but your point would ring better with me if all the other additional characters the main three come across in their fetch quest weren't equally as pointless. I liked Keri Russell's performance and Naomi Ackie but their characters' reason for being there were pretty hollow. I don't begrudge them being in the movie but then you could've shoe horned Rose in.

    Going back to my prior point Lando was just shoehorned ultimately in Return of the Jedi for the first third of that movie but none of us complain about how pointless he was to the Jabba subplot because it was just nice to let Lando be part of the fun with the main 3. Rose should've been afforded that opportunity too. She wasn't an amazing character in TLJ granted but she wasn't just another bum either.