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  • Avengers Endgame - Full Spoiler discussion

    So . . . I actually loved Endgame, but in this odd way. If you were to ask me objectively which was the better movie between this and Infinity War, I'd have to say Infinity War. However, Steve Rogers and his supporting cast is my favorite thing about the MCU, so Endgame is the more impactful movie to me. However, I have a sneaking feeling despite the high tomato rating, the overall opinion by the fans will be that not only Infinity War is better but it could also potentially be pretty divisive a la Last Jedi or maybe a better comparison is Dark Knight Rises.

    Now that I said that, on to my gripes. I know most people love the final battle, but is there anyone else besides me that felt like the big battle once all the Marvel superheroes show up was the weakest part of the entire film? That massive battle while having an awesome moments here and there, felt wildly perfunctory to me. It also got a huge eyeroll from me when they got all the girls together. Don't get me wrong, I get why they did it and if done organically I would've loved it, but I thought it was done very lazily and it came off as a really pandering move on the part of Marvel Studios. I was terrified that the next thing they were going to show were all the heroes portrayed my minority actors uniting to attack Thanos to pander to folks like me. I don't know, I think there was a much more clever way to do that but at the same time it doesn't hurt the film. Also the battle was a little too chaotic and mindless. I was able to follow what was happening so at least it wasn't like a Bay Transformers movie, but I think Infinity War pulled off the massive battles better. Also I wasn't too pleased that Black Widow died but I'll give props to Marvel for making me think she was 100% safe with her movie coming out next year.

    Enough of the glass half empty stuff, LOVED the fight before the other heroes showed up between Thanos and the big 3 and audibly yelled/clapped when Steve was able to wield Mjolnir. Big geek moment there. Good exit for RDJ and it was the right move to kill off Iron Man. LOVED Paul Rudd getting so much screentime. Loved the time heist and some Winter Soldier characters appearing in the Avengers 1 timeline.

    That closing scene though, with Peggy and Steve won me over and cemented this as a more rewarding film than probably its quality. So this begs the question, in Winter Soldier when Peggy mentions her husband, are we to assume that she was speaking about Steve? And does Steve tell her he smooched with his niece-in-law?

    Man.  Overall I enjoyed this movie, but I had a LOT of issues with it.  Will be very interested to hear what the boys think tomorrow.

    This will undoubtedly be an unpopular opinion, but Infinity War > Endgame for this moviegoer.  And it’s not even close.
    Actually as far as I can tell from forums and social media, you share the common opinion. In fact I've seen some serious backlash. I hope its just instant takes and it dies down, because I don't know if I can handle another geek divide.

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    So yeaah. Seen this mentioned on the web already, but is Cersei drinking wine a confirmation she is indeed not pregnant?
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    Looks just as good as the Last Jedi. That's no sarcasm for me. I love the Last Jedi.

    I am very curious how Palpatine plays into this and if JJ will weave his existence retroactively into the sequel trilogy as a shadowy influencer. 
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    Let's go Cubs!
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    I regret reading this because now I very much want this to happen for Jaime. However, sadly I think he's a dead man. I just don't want him going out like a bum.