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    Chinaski said:
    well well, Jon Lester.. nice to see you again. it's been awhile. how's your day going?
    Late as hell, but man I wish there was a boo button for comments. Cuz id boo this so hard let me tell you. Lester's been going through some kind of slump. 

    Btw, are there any Mets fans here? Where the hell did the Mets come from?? After engaging in one of the stupidest trades how lucky are they that now it looks like a genius move getting Stroman.
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Dee said:
    I thought the finale was good. Am I a poor judge of quality?
    I thought it was good too. Maybe we are just both trash? 
    Edit: Just saw @CeciliaM is joining us as well. Well that 4 of us then.  Hey at least we can be trash together ;)
    Room for one more?
    The landfill we are making up is quickly becoming an environmental hazard. 
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    I thought the finale was good. Am I a poor judge of quality?
  • 805 - The Bells

    :D :D :D  Nikolaj trolling fans desperately clinging to hope that Jaime is alive. Ice cold stringing them along. 

    ken hale
  • Why are folks so upset about Jamie?

    LordBy said:
    Travis said:
    Aren't we meant to think (and this speaks again to the problematic ambiguity) that it wasn't a one night stand, but that they were together for at least a period of time? Didn't some measure of time elapse?

    Doesn't change things all that significantly, but I had completely thought that it was more than a one night stand time wise. I thought we were looking at at least a few days, if not a bit more. 
    From my take on the scene there was clearly some time that took place between the initial night that Jaime and Brienne slept together (the after funeral party) and the point in time that Sansa had learned the news that Raegal and Missandei were killed.  Dany was at that party the night they first hooked up so it's however long it takes for Dany and her traveling group to travel to Dragonstone and then for a raven with the news to leave from Dragonstone to reach Winterfell.  

    [consults logistics from Season 7 Episode 6 Beyond The Wall]

    Looks like all off that would have happened in about a day.

    I know we threw logistics and geography out of the window seasons ago, but if you're going to later imply time passing through the use of them it doesn't work. Can't have it both ways :)

    A "touché" button is sorely needed on this forum after a reply like this. 
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