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    JSDCA said:
    Chinaski said:
    JSDCA said:
    I rarely post on the Bald Move forum (too shy!) but I feel like I know you regular posters.  I've felt the emotional ups and downs with you all since this thread first started. We were supposed to leave for Japan this Sunday.  We canceled a month ago. That now seems like a year ago.  

    We're in San Diego, I have two kids (a teen and a tween) and adjusting to home schooling for the rest of the year and trying to give my business the attention it requires is challenging to say the least.  We're driving each other nuts and we've only been quarantined since Friday.  This last page of posts started to have some more levity (except for those Miami kids!) and it put a munch needed smile on my face.  Thank you Bald Movers!  I feel like Dee is my mum too, and she's never heard of me!  The Bald Move community is amazing. I've never seen anything like it.
    awe, peeps like you that make the BM community amazing like you said. hang in there and stay strong.

    San Diego huh? soooooo... thoughts on Tacos? y'all do have some good Fish Tacos!

    Ya, Jim's taco comment was a surprise bummer! We have amazing tacos places here. And my good fortune, I  married into a Mexican family and my mother-in-law makes incredible Mexican.  I'm kind of a clean freak, but I get over it for a good taco!  I'm originally from Dayton, OH (and a proud Bearcat!) and I love spicy food so moving here and meeting my husband was fate.  :)  Before moving west "Mexican" food was Chi-chis in Dayton.  LOL.  I wonder if its still around.
    @JSDCA if we ever get Jim & A.Ron out to SD we'll have to meet up and show them some of our finest taco shops!

    All this taco talk is making me really crave El Gordo right about now. 
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  • MLB 2019

    Chinaski said:
    well well, Jon Lester.. nice to see you again. it's been awhile. how's your day going?
    Late as hell, but man I wish there was a boo button for comments. Cuz id boo this so hard let me tell you. Lester's been going through some kind of slump. 

    Btw, are there any Mets fans here? Where the hell did the Mets come from?? After engaging in one of the stupidest trades how lucky are they that now it looks like a genius move getting Stroman.
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    Dee said:
    I thought the finale was good. Am I a poor judge of quality?
    I thought it was good too. Maybe we are just both trash? 
    Edit: Just saw @CeciliaM is joining us as well. Well that 4 of us then.  Hey at least we can be trash together ;)
    Room for one more?
    The landfill we are making up is quickly becoming an environmental hazard. 
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    I thought the finale was good. Am I a poor judge of quality?