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  • U.S. Politics the Third

    Anyone want to take a guess why Conservatives here are criticizing Trudeau for this pic?  That's Justin, his mum (who was famously wild back in the day - she had affairs with two different members of the Rolling Stones when she was still married to his dad!) and his three kids:image

    Edit: I mentioned him mum's past as a point of interest, it has nothing to do with why Justin is being criticized
    Is it his shirt?
    Yup...people are actually complaining that he's wearing a Captain America shirt!  He's a comic book and sci-fi nerd, just relaxing at home and people are reading something into the shirt that he's wearing.

    Any mothercanucker who dares to wear a Captain America shirt when there are plenty of fine Wolverine/Logan shirts in circulation deserves to be criticized by his Canadian people. ;)

  • Food You HATE..

    Fuck avocados. Worst fruit. It's like eating playdoh.
    You're like that guy when everyone wants to order a pizza and you ask if they can order a pie with no cheese.
  • Quentin Tarantino Movies

    Melanie: You ok?

    Louis: Just... gettin' old. Seems I can't smoke all that now without coughing.

    Melanie: Coughing's good! It opens up the capillaries. You know, when you cough you're pulling in air, or in this case - smoke, into parts of the lungs that don't normally get used. So, coughing's good, it gets you higher.

    Ordell Robbie: Definitely know a lot about that! Look here Louis, I got to run out for a little while so uh, if you like gettin high so much, why don't you hang out here with Mel' n' watch a little TV.

    Louis: Way ahead of ya.

    Ordell Robbie: See I get high later on when I come back, see I get high at NIGHT, when I get through with all my business.

    Jackie Brown... I love this scene <:)</blockquote>

    I especially like the awkward silence that follows because either nobody really cares what Ordell is saying or they're too high, at which point Ordell breaks the silence by looking to the TV and asking the innocuous question of "Is that Rutger Hauer?"