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  • Naomi Osaka US Open Finals Match

    KingKobra said:
    Sayng that, I do feel bad for Osaka. She was beating Serena point blank and this controversy took over her spotlight. Serena was an idol of hers, and the emotion she showed, was what sports is often all about. Playing against ones idol doesn’t happen often (at least when your idol is still dominant in the game). She is a class player and I look forward to watching her in the future. I hate what the crowd did, that was unacceptable. Even though there was controversy Osaka was going to win (IMO). They should have cheered the players and if they had issues with the official taken it out on him. 
    I feel bad for Osaka too. First of all, I think Naomi Osaka herself should be just as much the story as Serena, if the thread title didn’t already give that away. But honestly Serena’s situation absolutely has to be talked about and understandably is taking most of the coverage. Regardless, Osaka outplayed Serena, simple as that – and it's nice to see that this is a sentiment shared across the mainstream media even if the controversy had not occurred. 

    I do think though what happened at the podium and how Naomi reacted did a lot to endear her to the media & audience. She could’ve just done what most players would, and just smile or laugh through the rain of boos to deflect what was happening, but instead she cried – and then apologized for winning in that manner. Serena definitely did the right thing and helped to calm the crowd, but Naomi I think stole more hearts than if she looked like a smiling empty soul up there. I assume due to that is why we're seeing quite a bit of effort from the media to get her as much exposure as possible amidst all the hot takes. 

    amyja89 said:
    I've been deliberately quiet about it because I don't think my take is a balanced one, I'm pretty much a Serena Williams fanatic so it's hard to be unbiased.
    So about Serena. She's not faultless, I admit.  She did lose her composure. No two ways about it. She rightfully got a code violation for  throwing the racquet down. She had difficulty moving on. Okay fine. I still side with her anyway, for the same reasons @amyja89 beautifully detailed. A couple things I’d like to add to that or highlight is let’s not forget Serena just 2 weeks ago bit her tongue and took the high road after the French Open president absurdly criticized her catsuit as a “disrespect to the game”. In addition, in the very same US Open tournament, we’ve had Alize Cornet penalized for fixing her shirt, but we’ve got Novak Djokovic sitting minutes shirtless during a match with no penalty in any form. Add all these elements with an umpire calling her out, her frustration with the match, and I can totally empathize why she felt targeted. 

    Even when we take away all the baggage and focus within only this match, the individual with the most power to salvage this was the umpire. Did Carlos follow the rules to the the letter of the law? Yes, but he could've exercised better discretion to diffuse the situation. When Serena called him a thief, he could've made it clear that if she continued he would be forced to penalize her a game. If she still doesn’t let it go from there, then the onus is indisputedly on her at that point. But let’s not just look at how his quick trigger finger for penalties affected Serena.

    In a Championship match, an umpire should not only consider the effect a severe penalty as a game on the offending party would be, but also how the other player might be negatively affected by it. Naomi benefitted in the score, but did he benefit her competitive spirit? This isn't some match in the third round, it's for the trophy. If anything, it changed the definitiveness of her accomplishment. The one solace is that Osaka ensured the set ended at 6-4 with a very strong serve game at the end. Could you imagine the outrage or doubt though if she had won at 7-5 or 7-6? In his attempt to maintain order with an iron fist he hurt both competitors and ignited an angry mob of fans.
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  • Favorite Pilot Episode

    For me, it has to be Oz's pilot. While I found the show to be inconsistent and a little ludicrous in later seasons, it's strength was always with its characters and Dino Ortolani was the perfect guy to set up that show.
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    Titanfall 2
  • What music are you streaming?

    @adobo1148 yea that BP soundtrack is fire. Funny I was just talking about how I don't fully enjoy one complete track that SZA has done but I think I do wholeheartedly like All The Stars. Pray for Me is also good. It is criminal however that they didn't include the song that played in Shuri's lab in the movie. It's Wololo if you were by chance looking for it. 
  • What music are you streaming?

    For some reason I've been getting into SZA's sound so I been streaming her the last couple days. She's ratchet as hell and I can't say that I completely like any one song but there's always 1 part of each song she does whether it's a verse or chorus that keeps me listening.