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  • Legion to Premire on April 3rd

    Legion has to be the only show I've watched where every episode (on exception of Chapter 6) is a slog to get through at first for me but then after its over, I feel a need to revisit the episode and it's an absolute joy the 2nd time. I can't stop thinking of the dance battle and the egg scene.  

    Also did anyone else put subtitles on? I did on my 2nd viewing and realized there were a lot more voices talking in David's head than what I heard the first time. 
  • Batman Returns (1992)

    cdrive said:
    Jim said we could have done without Michelle Pfeiffer.  No words, man. No words.  
    Jim is dead to me. 
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  • The Last Jedi (Spoilers Section)

    Anybody read the petition that has been started to strike this movie from the official canon? LMAO

    Dude, this is already my favorite Star Wars movie, but if we can get rid of all of JJ’s stupid little mystery boxes AND purge the fanbase of large swaths of nerd-raging baby men in one fell swoop? It might just be the most important one as well.
    That said, this is not how adults express themselves. Are you literally laughing? Mocking viewpoints you disagree with - and more importantly, those who hold those viewpoints, is not a substitute for offering rational objections to them. Let's try to disagree with one another with a little respect and/or dignity.
    I don't know man, just a few pages ago you passive-aggressively pretty much said to Ryan that while we can all disagree on TLJ, that people who loved it don't prefer higher art, making it look like you were implying that you have a higher taste pallette than people who loved TLJ.

    I do agree with you that people should treat each other with respect on differing opinions, but I ask you also examine how you're talking to people you disagree with, otherwise your advice rings a bit hollow. 

  • U.S. Politics episode 4: A New Thread

    I would absolutely love to hear any of the Republican sycophants defend why it was necessary to increase depreciation limits on luxury vehicles:

    This bill is essentially the republicans realizing that they will lose badly next year, so let's just make sure our rich donors get every single cent they can.
    Talk about sour grapes. 

    Let’s see, improving economy, lower taxes, and liberals letting an illegal alien off the hook for gunning down Kate Steinle , I don’t think the republicans have that bad a hand going into midterms. And do not underestimate the impact that last story will have, that, if played right, can be seen as one of the injustices of the century and spur concrete action on border security.

    Are you conducting some kind of social experiment or are you that much of a stereotypical conservative? C'mon that's so weak to pin that jury verdict on liberals. That's like saying conservatives let Yanez off the hook for killing Philando Castille. I don't know anyone that's happy Zarate got off without even involuntary manslaughter.

    This whole Steinle case really turned into a political issue with SF being a sanctuary city where I'm honestly a bit conflicted about. However I can separate the political issue with the justice issue and it stinks Zarate got off completely. 

    Which brings me to my next thought. Politically speaking, I find it very ironic how you and fellow conservatives are getting so bent out of shape about the miscarriage of justice here. However, where the hell were the conservatives and the right wing media when Yanez got off without even an involuntary manslaughter guilty verdict in the Philando Castille case? Where was this same outrage? Seems to me now the conservatives have but a small taste of the frustrations that the supporters of the BLM movement have experienced. It'd be mighty hypocritical to deny that.

    To be fair to you emnofseattle I'm not going to assume where you fell on that Castille verdict, but I sure as hell hope that when, God forbid, another black man gets shot by police unjustly and that cop gets off, that you and any conservatives upset now about Steinle will be just as outraged then.

  • U.S. Politics the Third

    I did read the article. While I can say I have been privileged in my life, it's more because of the hard work my father did and his generosity to me and my 3 brothers. His generosity allowed me to go to grad school in Australia and he has helped me when money was tight from a losing job.

    I don't see myself as fighting against my white privilege because truthfully I think it's a bunch of bs that liberals came up with to help them fit in with the minority groups they identify with/support. So much easier to support groups like Black Lives Matter and be accepted by them if you can claim that everything that happens is because of white privilege and your recognize the wickedness of said privilege.

    So glad I have someone "like" me who can tell me how my whiteness is responsible for the ills of everyone else or how because I don't recognize my white privilege that I'm ignorant.

    Well my father is white and worked his ass off in a tobacco factory for years before getting his electrician's license, starting a company and spending half my childhood working his ass off and not seeing his kids (and going through two divorces) to give us a better life. He didn't have any privilege and made himself and his family better. If he wants to assert monetary privilege now that he is older and can do so comfortably then I say he has earned it. But it has nothing to do with him being white, it's a privilege he earned that is based on his work not his race.
    Oh I love this one. I love when the topic of white privilege comes up, the tried but true way to dismiss the discussion is by going to that "I or my family worked hard and that's all I/we did" well. Who in here said your family or you were lazy? Who here said you didn't accomplish a thing in your life? Not a single person. You think you're challenging the argument by bringing up hard work but all you did unknowingly was display an insecurity on the perception of your own accomplishments as well as insinuate that minorities aren't experiencing any systemic disadvantages at all, but rather we minorities aren't working hard enough.

    Why in the world is it so hard to accept that white privilege exists. If you bothered to have a little empathy and stopped being so defensive you'd see we're not saying you didn't work hard or you didn't earn your keep. We're not saying you didn't have your own sufferings. We're not saying you should feel guilty. We're simply asking you don't easily discount the systemic disadvantages of a minority by using your "experience" as evidence, while failing or choosing to ignore that you live in a country that shares your like-color or like-culture and assuming that also speaks for the experience of a minority.

    I can freely admit that if say, we were in the country of my ethnicity that I would have my ethnic privilege. I could easily recognize if you and I were competing for jobs with both of us having the same qualifications, that more often than not I would get employed more than you. This is not because I personally hope so or even it being due to racism but rather most people implicitly look for the more comfortable route which may be due to the fact I would share the same cultural background as them. That's not something I would ask for or want, but in that country I have that privilege. If I could recognize it that easily why is it such a struggle for you?
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