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  • The Romanoffs

    Every time I come on the boards I see the header for this thread and think that it says "The Ramones" and for a brief few seconds my heart is filled with joy.
  • US Politics Vol. 6: A Song of Fire and Fury - The Winds of Midterms

    ^ agree on all accounts

    They haven't made a big deal out of it, but a lot of the sports announcers here (tv, newspaper, radio) have just started referring to the Redskins as Washington - even when they refer to the other team by their nickname ie "Next weekend the Cowboys will be playing Washington".  It hasn't gone unnoticed (in a good way!) but no one made a big show of it, they all just started doing it.
  • US Election

    Dee said:
    In Australia we have to vote - we get fined if we don’t. Is Canada the same? You need ID to register though (I am one of those few non-poor people who has constant issues with ID, because I don’t drive and I don’t have a passport). We also vote on a Saturday. 

    Oh, and we get a democracy sausage, which I highly recommend for encouraging voter turnout.
    We're not mandated to vote.  It's been floated as an idea in the past but ultimately didn't gain much momentum here.  Our elections aren't on the weekend, but companies are required to give full time employees 1 hour (paid) off to vote...either vote in the morning and show up an hour late for work, leave an hour early or take off for an hour mid day if you work close to your polling station.
  • US Election

    Requiring an ID to vote is one of the strategies people say is voter suppression.

    sbench2 said:
    This might catch me a lot of hate but I have noticed in the podcasts reminders to go out and make sure you register to vote because it can be hard in some places. And I also hear about voter suppression in the US. I’m not very educated on the subject, but how can a country claimig to be the poster child of democracy have the ability to make it so hard for people to vote? I live in Canada and here they mail out a card saying where to vote. If I don’t get a card in the mail I go to the closest place to vote and show my I.D. So I guess my question is, why does your government make it so hard for it’s citizens to vote? And why do the citizens put up with them doing so?

    We don't even need ID in the conventional sense.  We're sent a voting notice in the mail, when you go to a polling station you hand in your notice and they ask you what your address is and they confirm that the notice you gave them matches the address that you told them and they cross your name off the list.  If you don't have your notice, anything that proves your address qualifies as ID for this purpose - so a bill in your name sent to your home address is accepted.
  • Making A Murderer - Season 2

    Avery is guilty AF.  His nephew is probably guilty, but also probably wasn't give a fair trial and should walk.

    I don’t know if I’m convenced Steven did it, but I’m fairly certain that someone who lives on the Avery property did, or is at least involved in some way. 
    I think Brendan’s confession was obviously coerced, and is entirely fictional. 

    Neither of these are new deductions, but I figured why not put them out there. 
    I don't know if Brendan's confession was fictional, but he shouldn't have spoken to the police without legal representation and someone who is developmentally challenged shouldn't have been allowed to waive that right.  When he finally did get a lawyer, I'm not convinced that lawyer had his best interests in mind.