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  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    tom_g said:
    CeciliaM said:
    Mass shooting of Muslims in New Zealand, at least 49 dead, carried out by Trump supporters.  I support Bernie Sanders (first person to dismissively call me a 'bro' gets an internet punch in the head!) but whoever you end up with, please for the love of God get rid of Trump.  He's a menace to the entire world.
    Bernie Bros are a subset of Bernie supporters. Not all Bernie supporters are Bernie Bros. So you are safe unless you start standing on tables and shouting down female supporters of your opponent; if that happens, you are going to have to let me know so I can move you into the other column.
    CB is in a column all his own.
    I don't know if that's a compliment, a dig or both but it made me laugh :)
  • Canadian Political Scandal?!?!

    Dee said:
    Hunkulese said:
    Dee said:
    Wow, Canadanian political scandals are almost as boring as Australian political scandals! 
    Our Prime Minister may have grabbed someone's butt 18 years ago. Is that exciting?
    I’m excited by that.
    His mum cheated on his dad with a member of the Rolling Stones.  That do anything for ya? :)
  • Non-Political News Thread

    Hatorian said:
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    CapeGabe said:
    Wasn't the non political thread supposed to be the kinder gentler thread? I pop in and there's broken bottles, bats with spikes on them and bodies all over the place. Is Steven Dorff in here instigating a brawl?

    all I'm sayin, is someone in this thread is a butt-faced human piece of garbage - not sayin who, just sayin
    Hard to determine intent from written words and no easy identifier of level of seriousness. Maybe your joking. But if you’re being serious there’s only one person your talking about and once again rule number 1 man. If you’re just joking then nothing to see here. Move along...

    I'm sure he's joking.  Unless he's talking about me, in which case fuck him!  :)
  • Non-Political News Thread

    gguenot said:
    Honestly, I think we should censor pineapple pizza 
    Your anti-Canadian bias isn't welcomed here! :)
  • Non-Political News Thread

    Over the last few months I've taken a really deep dive into the flat-earth world on youtube and I have to say that I fully support their decision to stop promoting flat-earth videos.  We can worry about slippery-slops when we see them happening, but right now the damage being done by the flat-earth movement can't be ignored.

    Flat-earth isn't just about believing that the earth is flat, it's about all of the mental and 'logical' steps that it takes to get to believing that the earth is flat.  First, you have to stop believing in science.  They preach about how they're "true scientists" and are just challening the orthedoxy of the "faith based religion of science".  What that means is that gravity is fake, NASA (and every other space agency in the world) is fake, there's a global conspiracy to hide the truth, which means the news and information in general is fake etc.  Embracing all of that has implications that go way beyond simplying believing that the earth is flat.  It means that vacinations are poison designed to keep you sick, it means Sandy Hook was faked to keep you scared, it means that climate change is a hoax etc.  Believing those things have real world consequences. 

    In the flat earth documentary, Mark Sargent (one of the leaders of the movement) tells the story of kids breaking out in laughter at a science teacher when she mentions the globe.  In a country that is falling behind in math and science, embracing ignorance is a real world problem and not just a nutty idea in some youtube videos.

    Once you doubt everything, anything is possible.  There's a related movement to flat-earth called Breatharianism.  These people reject science to the point where they believe that they can live on air alone and don't need food or water.  At least one woman has died (in Switzerland) and many others have been hospitalized.

    And not to make this political, but all of these people - literally every single one of them that I've encountered (100+) - are all Trump supporters.  Not because they like tax cuts or want to see a wall built, but rather because behind the scenes Trump is fighting a heroic fight against a Washington pedophile ring and that any day now Hillary Clinton is going to get arrested for being the ring leader.  They don't care about Trump's politics, they love that he's the conspiracy theory President who exposed that Obama was a muslim, that elections are fake, that climate change science is fake etc.

    My only concern about youtube's decision to stop promoting this garbage is how it might affect the amazing science community that has sprung up on youtube to fight all of the flat earth nonsense.  If you're interested in any of this, check out Scimandan, Conspiracy Catz, Fight the Flat Earth, Soundly, McToon, Godless Engineer, Team Skeptic, Young Blue Skeptic (a 15 year old kid who's smarter than every flat earther!), Bob the Science Guy, Reds Rhetoric, The Creeky Blinder, Wolfie6020 and some of the debates hosted by The NonSequitur Show.

    I’m not going to bother to look for it so I’m hoping you can just answer with a quick ‘hot take’ for me. How do they explain the moon which you can clearly see with the naked eye that it is round and with a telescope I’m guessing you can tell that it’s spherical?  Or is it just the Earth is flat? Lol. I really can’t believe this is a thing. 
    This is their standard argument:  "You've had thousands of years to develop the globe-earth theory, we've only had a hundred years to develop the flat-earth theory so we don't have all of the answers.  At this point, all we can do is prove that the earth is flat."

    When it comes to the moon (and sun for that matter), there isn't a consensus view but the most common one is that the moon and sun are both small and local (ie the moon isn't 240 odd thousnad miles away and the sun isn't 93 million miles away)...and then they argue about what they are.  Some believe that the earth is under a giant dome (the "fermament" mentioned in the bible) and the moon and stars are just projections on to the inside of the dome.  Other believe that the moon emits its own light and I've seen phoney 'experiments' with a laser thermometer that 'measures' the 'cold light' emitted from the moon.