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Teresa from Concord
Concord, California
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  • House of the Dragon will take place during the Targaryen civil war

    HBO exec “I  don’t care which prequel story we pick. As long as it doesn’t have Dire wolves.  We can’t afford them. “
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  • Re-introduce yourself!

    Teresa. Boomer. California now but New York most of my life and all of my heart.

    I work in strategic planning for a major bank. I have a son and a daughter that live in Arizona. A few months ago I would have said in my spare time I like to garden and try new recipes. But in the COVID reality I now say in my spare time I work in the garden, cook, make jewelry, hike by myself, do puzzles, watch the Wire (first-timer), trying to play the accordion...you get the idea.

    Found Bald Move in 2016 with GoT, and it took off from there. Sadly I have no shows to listen to (I do not watch Walking Dead) so only have Lunchtime. I hope they cover more shows soon. 

    Just don't try to become one of those fancy 3 accordion families.
     Don’t know how you found that photo but I haven’t laughed this hard in weeks!
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  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    This is an easy review. 

    Uncut Gems

    Left the room just short of the halfway point. Been a long time since I’ve done that. Terrible movie. My bf stuck it out and said it went from bad to worse. The biggest fault is with the direction. But just as damning to a movie is when you give zero shits about any character. 
  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    Freddy said:
    My friend just texted me that the strip clubs in Dallas are opening at midnight tonight. This should be interesting.
    Wear a mask, Freddy.  Godspeed!
    Maybe two  ;)