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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Officially put my two weeks in at work this morning. I am so excited to be hanging up the forklift keys for an actual office job. It's going to be a weird transition but I am so ready for it! After 12 years here, abusing my body and suffering in either extreme heat or extreme cold, it was definitely time for a change.
    Congratulations! Wishing you much success and enjoyment at your new job!
  • Best/Most Moving Scene In One Pic

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  • 510: Something Unforgivable (Spoilers)

    Ok great .Here goes nothing.

    @adobo1148 you mention you know Lalo survives. How? If I remember Breaking Bad correctly, Lalo is mentioned only once by Jimmy. We never hear about or see Nacho. And obviously Gus is a key player.

    What am I missing?

    With that said, even though I know who survives in BB, I still feel tension with many of these scenes. Nacho's in some deep trouble. What does happen to Lalo to take him out of the game? And I am losing confidence that Kim survives the final season.
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  • 510: Something Unforgivable (Spoilers)

    So I’m not sure how I feel. The whole season was fantastic but for some reason this last episode didn’t feel like a season finale. Lalo is definitely a badass, and Nacho is in serious shit. As is Gus. But Kim? I didn’t like this Kim. I need time to process. 
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  • 306: Decoherence

    Haleoros on the warpath no doubt. This last 15 mins or so saved the ep for me. Only found the Caleb stuff interesting so far this season until now.

    Maeve story bores me.
    That’s interesting because I feel the exact opposite. Caleb’s minimal dialogue and continuous look of confusion does little for me. I was glad he wasn’t in this episode. I do agree that I don’t want to see Maeve in nazitown one more second. But can’t wait for her to get her team. 

    And theres no no way Halolores walks out. She was being tracked and yet had all that alone time? And every bullet but two or three missed her. Could no one in the writers room stop the truly ridiculous?