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  • Random things everyone knows but you just found out

    My wife has this revelation quite often and we have a name for it. It stems from Home Alone 2, where the parent are answering questions with the police and the moms answer to the question when did you last see Kevin is “Curb-side check-in”. My wife always heard it as “Curb-side Chicken.” She thought they got fried chicken when they got to the airport even though they didn’t show it. It was very funny to see her realize the truth.
  • Big Brother reference in “Breathe”

    Just as we finally get a scene of Jimmy and Kim being intimate... it goes to fish. Typical.
  • Big Brother 20 (Speculation and/or Spoilers)

    So I'm going to make a huge confession ... I not only watch the live feeds, and read the BB subreddit, but I also listen to a BB podcast.  (Please don't judge - totally immersing myself in BB is my way of distracting myself for a few months, so I can ignore the real world, and pretend it isn't on fire for a while, lol)

    The podcast I listen to is the one that RHAP puts out.  Rob Cesternino hosts them.  He was on Survivor Amazon many years ago, and is hilarious, and he has cohosts who have great, insightful, funny outlooks on what's going on in the house.  They do a show after every broadcasted episode (so Sunday, Wednesday,  and Thursday).  

    And once a week he does a podcast with Eric Stein, who was a contestant on BB 8.  The show is called Summer of Stein, and I love it, because they just joke around and it's exactly what a podcast about a show as silly as BB should be.

    Anyway ... I'm grateful for the distraction that BB is providing me ... and that this has been such a great season so far!  
    I love RHAP! So don’t feel embarrassed! I used to rarely tell people I watched survivor and big brother but recently I’ve been all of out shits to give and when people would ask what I was listening to at work, I just told them flat out: “it’s a survivor/big brother Podcast.” The looks. I’m telling you. That podcast gets me through some 12 hour days at my factory and I end up laughing uncontrollably on the assembly line with people scratching their heads at me. You’re not the only one here who is a closet super fan. There are dozens of us. DOZENS!!
  • Embarrassing music/fashion/whatever you loved as a teen

    I'll add on to the nu-metal embarrassment with Saliva (they were from my hometown of Memphis so you had to like them), disturbed (haven't listened to them since 10000 fists), and Mushroomhead (solitaire/unraveling was my favorite song). I also at the time that I was nine or ten, listened to Eminem like he was God (because to a white kid who came from a broken home, he kinda was) and Metallica (but my favorite album was Load, I'm more of a melodic guy even though now I realize that album is far inferior to the rest of their catalog). Fashion-wise, I also wore the Jncos jeans and basketball shoes like Iversons, I spiked my hair everyday, and I dressed as Eminem for Halloween one year. The late nineties/early two-thousands were a strange time for all of us.

    I have to say, I'm not really feeling this season.  The houseguests aren't interesting to me in the same way they have been in the past.  Mainly, they just irritate me.  I skipped last night's episode and don't have a lot of urge to watch it.  I do have the CBS app and have access to the live feeds on it, but haven't been watching them.  I've been watching previous seasons instead and am having a much better time. :)  I'm currently watching season 16 with Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Frankie, et al... and remembering how much I used to crush on Zach Attack.  :)
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