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  • Positivity! aka the good vibes thread

    Headed to Portugal in March. Well, technically flying into Madrid and then driving to Portugal. Haven't left the country in over a decade. March can't get here soon enough. Btw, any recommendations for Madrid, Porto, or the road between would be appreciated!
  • Side Hustle Suggestions?

    When I'm not working on wiretaps and assets investigations I make furniture for dollhouses.
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  • Random things everyone knows but you just found out

    I went in for a Lasik consultation when I was 20. We were discussing what all it would fix, and the lady said "it won't fix your halos, by the way." To which I replied "what are halos?" "Ummm, the glow you see around lights at night." "Holy shit! I thought everyone saw that!"

    Went in to fix my vision, and found out it was worse than I thought.
  • Ethical implications of Meat consumption

    cdrive said:
    Wait I thought this was the food groups from the 90's:

    That a Taco Bueno party burrito? Freddy likes Taco Bueno party burritos. 
  • Lowriders (2017 movie. Spoilers and some heavy subject matter)

    Just dropped today on HBO Now/Go. I clicked on it and skipped about 30 minutes in just to see if there was anything there. Pretty much how I handle checking out any movie that I've never even heard a whiff about. Surprisingly good movie with a ton of heart. It has some pacing issues, mostly in individual scenes. There are some other flaws, but by no means is it a bad movie. Definitely recommend it if you want something that's a break from the norm.

    Now onto why I made this thread: This movie is for the most part about SoCal Hispanic culture, and really paints a picture of how and why lowriders, tattoos, graffiti, etc. are so important. Most people see a lowrider and think "goofy car I wouldn't be caught dead in", and certainly can't fathom why people would wrap their entire lives up in something so ludicrous. By the end it explains it perfectly, and manages to do so while telling a compelling drama about a broken family. Which leads me to the "heavy subject matter" part...

    The main characters and center focus of this film are a recovering alcoholic father and his two sons. The older of which just got out of prison after 8 years, during which time his father never once visited. On top of that, the father used to beat the ever loving shit out of him. Like most people in this community (I hope all), I come from the school of thought that hitting people for any reason other than self defense or competitive sport is just plain wrong. This movie really doesn't dive deep into the beatings aspect, and I think that its because beatings are a cultural thing in some regards. In fact, the biggest issue the son has with his father is that he was absentee and didn't visit him in prison. They make it a point that the father was abusive, but don't focus on it much at all. So I guess my question is: are beatings of children cultural? Are they an often overlooked aspect of a lot of cultures? I don't know. It was something that stuck out to me because of how many friends, relatives, and friends' relatives I know that grew up being beat. And a lot of them just sort of accept it as a part of their childhood. Plenty of them don't even hold it against their offender (mostly fathers). I want to make it clear, most, if not all of them, are pretty well adjusted people who refuse to continue the trend. Not sure where I'm going with this. I don't know, "discuss" I suppose. Ha ha.