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  • Dr Strangelove Commission

    Another great companion piece is the documentary "Countdown to Zero". It views the threat of nuclear weapons from the perspective of Murphy's Law. The idea being that it's only a matter of time until one goes off. Explores everything from terrorism, to incompetence in handling and storage, and of course a good old-fashioned nuclear war.

  • Dave Chappelle on Netflix

    Dee said:
    @A_Ron_Hubbard Honestly, I was only mildly rolling my eyes at his trans comments, and more so at what he originally said that triggered this apology-of-sorts. What really enraged me was his bit on Louis CK and sexual assault victims, and that’s what made me also realise that I really, really dislike him and a hell of a lot of what he says, and I’m supposed to be clapping along with him just because he’s a black man who “tells it like it is”. Nah, he’s an old man yelling at clouds. 
    Seriously!? Are you saying that one of our greatest living comics is using his race and "edginess" as a gimmick? And that me, along with pretty much every other adult I respect and love, have been tricked by it? You really think that when I clap along with him it has anything to do with the notion that it's "what I'm supposed to do as a fan", and it's just because he's black and "tells it like it is"?

    I'm trying to be real careful about how I word my post, and I'm trying real hard to understand what you mean by the statement I highlighted. If I'm taking it wrong, or reading it wrong, please help me understand.

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    Staring directly at an old love seat, Newman, Willis, Nicholson, Johnson, Biggie, and the goat who got shot
    Dare to call me reckless, that's just breakfast in North Texas
  • Australia Vs Canada, Which is the best place to live?

    Pay the price.
  • 801 - Mercy

    Alkaid13 said:
    Not sure if sheet metal is going to be enough protection from bullets. 
    Well, file cabinets and dead bodies were good enough to shield them during the fall of the prison. :P
    You two are ridiculous. Everyone knows that cold rolled sheet metal is a perfectly acceptable bullet deterrent. Not only that, but in terms of stopping crime bullets, cold rolled filing cabinets are second only to cold rolled corpses.